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   FICTION-Young swimmer boy naked and spanked
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   Author  Topic: FICTION-Young swimmer boy naked and spanked  (Read 8991 times)
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FICTION-Young swimmer boy naked and spanked
« on: Aug 16th, 2012, 1:42pm »
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Young swimmer speedo-boy naked and spanked
adapted by samos
This story is fiction!!! I found this story many years ago on the net and I adapted it for this forum. Be patient with my limited English. Thanks.
Young Pete was swimmer-mad!! His second passion was wearing extremely small speedos. He was really keen and proud skintight speedos wearer. And his third obsession was soccer. When he wasn't swimming for his school or city team, he would spend hours in his backyard, kicking the ball around, shooting into the makeshift net, and generally honing his soccer skills, of course dressed just in his favorite speedos on. There was no permission by his stepmother to wear this kind of swimsuit nor on the public neither in the private, but he loved to show to the audience (mostly girls from the neighborhood) his body in only minimal speedos.
Pete was a goodlooking boy about 16, nice muscular, and very popular with girls spectators at his swim races because of the fine-elastic sexy speedos he liked to swim in. He had several pairs of these skimpy speedos, in various colors, and the girls would always bet ahead of the swim competition which color he would wear for his next race!
Unfortunately, Pete's neighbor, fat old Miss Bullock, did not like Pete's addiction to soccer and was constantly complaining at the noise the boy made kicking the ball around in the back garden.
One day a few girls watched Pete's backyard soccer training. Actually they watched Pete in his yellow speedos, which contrasted nicely with his tanned body. This day the crotchety old biddie got her revenge on poor young Pete! The boy was kicking the ball around, wearing only his sport shoes and pair of the skimpiest speedos made of the finest, thinnest, elastic fabric that Pete could squeeze himself into!
Suddenly, Pete accidentally shot the ball over the fence into the old biddy's yard. He quickly hopped over the fence to retrieve the ball, and was suddenly seized from behind by the fat old biddy, who had been longing for this moment of sweet revenge. The fat lady got a good strong grip on the totally surprised boy, seizing him by the scruff of his neck and the seat of his lovely little speedos"!!! He was so paralyzed with shock, that he was incapable of the slightest resistance, as Miss Bullock frog-marched him across the yard to a bench where she plonked herself down, with the boy still very much in hand!! Old Miss Bullock tittered with  
glee at seeing this goodlooking young speedosboy so defenseless and helpless. The fat biddy then tossed young Pete across her knee, and proceeded to spank the hell out of the poor kid, till he was yelling for mercy, squirming, wriggling and struggling, but to absolutely NO avail! Fat old Miss Bullock had beautiful speedos-pantied young Pete TOTALLY under control, and was thoroughly enjoying spanking him across the seat of his sexy speedos"!!! (the elastic fabric felt really good under her hands, and it was shining and shimmering sexily in the bright sun). Suddenly the fat old woman started laughing uproariously as she heard a loud ripping sound: poor young Pete's beautiful sexy fine speedos were beginning to tear right across his sweet young ass from the terrific spanking she had administered to him. Breathless with laughter, Miss Bullock tossed the spanked boy to the ground, holding her sides as she tittered and giggled at the sight of the humiliated young soccer-boy lying conquered at her feet!
Poor Pete fell to the ground, totally dazed and out-of-it, and he quickly limped towards the fence, holding his hand over the huge rip in the back of his lovely speedos! Poor kid!! Everybody laughed at him. It was his utter humiliation, besides of in front of the women's audience…
When he got home, he quickly changed into another pair of perfect speedos
(pale blue!!) - even more skintight and incredibly bulged-out than the last pair! But just as he was admiring himself in the mirror, his step-mother marched in, and when she saw, that Pete has the banned sexy speedos on, she got so mad, that she grabbed young speedos-pantied Pete by his thick mop of blond hair, tossed him across  
his bed, and gave the poor young speedos-teen yet ANOTHER spanking across the cheeks of his ass which were just about tearing the thin fabric apart! Fortunately, this time Pete's speedos did NOT rip apart, but his stepmother stripped his by force and she left him naked and crying in his room. He hated to be naked with no his favorite speedos on, so he again quickly changed into other swimsuit, but it was a big mistake…
The final straw for the poor 16-year-old kid was when his aunt arrived, heard about what had been going on especially what found on the noise next door had all been about. She and the stepmother stomped up to his room, dragged the helpless goodlooking speedos-boy to his feet, tossed him across her knees and spanked him till he was screaming and wriggling! This final humiliation was just all too much for the young speedos lover and he passed out on his aunt's knees, totally knocked out from the three spankings he had been given!!  
They decided to confiscate all his sexy speedos, because he is a naughty boy and he violated the ban on the wearing of this kind sexy, elastic, skimpy swimsuits instead of regular cotton underwear, which is much more suitable for his age. After his aunt and stepmother had left the room, the goodlooking 16-year-old, lay nude helpless across his bed, in total shock and just about knocked out cold from the spankings these two women had just given him.
The next swimming race was really fun. His stepmother and aunt take a close supervising of his swimsuit.  Pete was dressed in large baggy swimsuits instead of his sexy speedos. Previously proud speedos wearer, was from now known like “BIG BAGGY PETE”. His reputation was away…
Really!! What a way to treat a goodlooking young boy in his shiny, shimmering, skimpy, elastic skin-tight speedos!!
Poor kid, eh?!
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Re: FICTION-Young swimmer boy naked and spanked
« Reply #1 on: Aug 21st, 2012, 3:06pm »
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This is hilarious, Samos! Thanks for your hard work in translating the story.
We used to wear speedo-type bathing suits when I was growing up. I never had one rip, because my frugal mother always made sure to pull them down before spanking me (Thanks, Mom Embarassed); however, I can remember a few embarrassing moments while wearing one. I wonder what girls whisper about when they see a boy's speedo revealing secrets about his anatomy? Do they say, "Hey. look at that!" or are they more specific? "He-he! He's got a little one!" Shocked
Good story!
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It's a Naked World! Nude Beaches - Public Nudity
It's a Naked World! Nude Beaches - Public Nudity

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