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It's a Naked World! Nude Beaches - Public Nudity

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   Author  Topic: THE MISSING CFNM NUDE SWIMMING STORIES (KIM W ?)  (Read 1763 times)
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« on: Feb 11th, 2012, 6:51am »
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NB- the unedited version of this story along with a whole library of VSFW archived stories and photos can be found at m/board/2005.01.bdy.html
Vicky's Party - Part 1
Posted by Kim-W on 2003-08-26 13:23:55
Well, the BIG DAY has arrived AT LAST!!!
There is so much to report on that I realized I would have to break this report up into parts. I walked around all afternoon with my clipboard and pen, jotting down events and details so I could document them after the party. I wore a metal whistle around my neck too, so I really looked like a swim instructor in charge. He He!! Well, here’s Part 1 of the story:
I guess I need to run down the attendance list first to “set the stage”. All of us grandkids invited some of the kids from our classes at school. The majority of the kids decided to come – that made a total of 21 girls and 16 boys (not counting us grandkids).
In addition, my dad, my mom, my 2 uncles, and 2 aunts were all there, as well as grandpa and grandma. 6 other mothers of boys came and 2 mothers of girls came. One father of a boy also came. ALL of the adult males remained CLOTHED at this party, because I just wanted this to be an introductory CFNM lesson for the kids ONLY. Oh, and 2 of the mothers brought 2 “tag-along” little girls . We told those girls they could swim also.
The air was full of electricity as the first of the girls began to arrive at 12:20 PM. I directed all the girls to assemble under the umbrella tables on the far side of the pool. By about 12:40 PM, all of the girls were there. As they stripped off their street clothes, they were so bubbly and excited!! They all had their one-piece swimsuits on underneath their clothes. So I began to talk to them. I said “Okay, girls I know you all can’t wait for the boys to come out. And I know you’re going to really enjoy that.” All the girls yelled “YEAH!!”, and a couple of them howled.
I continued “I want you all to keep in mind that this is a very new and different experience for the boys too. They’re naturally going to feel a little shy and self-conscious at first. So go ahead and enjoy what you see, but don’t, I repeat, DON’T tease or taunt the boys at all.” Some of the girls said “Aw—w-w-w-w!!”, in disappointment. But I replied “I KNOW that can be a lot of fun, and it has its time and place. But remember, first of all, if you make them feel too embarrassed, they’ll want to get dressed again, which WILL of course spoil it for us all. And secondly, if we can keep them nude...” All the girls yelled “YEAH!!” again. I continued “...then you will be amazed at how much better they behave themselves too. Just watch and see.”
One of Vicky’s girlfriends asked “If one of the boys doesn’t take off his suit, do we get to pull it off?” All the girls cheered and yelled “YEAH!!” I exclaimed “Wait, wait, ...GIRLS, settle down!!”, as I waved my hands in a downward direction. “We have to have a plan. If a boy doesn’t want to take off his suit, 2 or 3 girls who know him best will try to coax him into it. If that doesn’t work, then we’ll have a little fun and try to pull it off.” The girls all cheered again. “But wait!!” I cried out, “we want to keep this a POSITIVE experience... POSITIVE!! As long as the boy seems to be amused by us trying to pull his trunks off, we will continue to try. HOWEVER, however, IF he gets upset at it, I will blow this whistle.” I held up a referee’s metal whistle to show them, and continued, “When you hear this whistle, LET THE BOY GO!!” We will NOT force any boy. We’ll do some heavy coaxing, but NO FORCE is to be used. IS THAT CLEAR??” All the girls reluctantly nodded and said “Yeah” or “Okay.” Of course, if a boy does get upset over it, then you can always go back to him later and try some more GENTLE coaxing. Remember, we’re the GENTLE sex, ...we use GENTLE persuasion!!” I finished up by saying to the girls, in a very stern way, “ANYONE caught teasing or taunting a boy, will have their face shoved in the birthday cake!!” They all laughed, but I think they got my message.
Then I said to the girls “OK, just hang loose out here for a few minutes, girls. I’m going inside to see if all of the boys are here yet.” I walked into grandma’s walk-out basement and into the large recreation room there. My brother Rick and my four male cousins were already nude (as they usually are on a Sunday afternoon in the summertime). They wanted to get the other boys to relax about this. All of the adults were waiting outside. Within 2 minutes, the last of the boys arrived. I then explained to all the boys how my brother and male cousins have been doing this all their lives, and love it. I told them “It’s really a great feeling of complete freedom to just swim in the nude.” I then said to them “We girls are just naturally more fond of our modesty than you boys are. So take advantage of that, and show the girls how free and uninhibited you boys can be. I KNOW you’ll LOVE it!!”
I looked through the glass sliding door of the walk-out basement to see how the girls were getting along. They looked more anxious and excited than ever. I saw the one 9-year-old girl, Peggy, who my cousin Jenny brought from her school class, and Peggy was grinning from ear to ear, jumping up and down, and clapping the insides of her wrists together in extreme excitement!! REALLY CUTE!!!
Well, the big moment we worked so hard to prepare for was finally here!! I said to the boys “OK boys, do you all have your swim trunks on under your clothes?” They all indicated they did. I went on “OK then, take off your outer clothes.” They did so, and then led them outside, with my brother and my 4 male cousins going first, nude of course, and the other boys following with their swim trunks on. The boys were lining up on the side of the pool nearest the house, while the girls were standing on the opposite side of the pool. The girls who had never seen my brother and cousins nude all let out a large “Ooooooo!!”, as you would expect. Naturally some unavoidable giggling by the girls could also be heard. Nick’s wiener was already getting partially aroused by the sight of all those girls. That brought a little more clamor from the girls. Little Peggy resumed clapping her wrists together and bouncing in sheer excitement. And a couple of Vicky’s female classmates began hopping up and down a little too. The rest of the nude boys were controlling themselves so far (but HOW I don’t know!! He He!!).
All of the adults were smiling and talking softly to one another. I heard at least 2 of them remark “How cute!!” I was very nervous and short of breath as the boys came to a halt lined up on their side of the pool. Well, I had to just “go for it”, so I announced “OK boys, it’s time to show how FREE you can be!! Get rid of those UNNECESSARY swim trunks!!” The boys just looked at one another for a few moments, as if to see which of them was going to be the brave one to go FIRST. They then looked at the 5 boys who were already nude, and one by one began to slowly lower their trunks. My heart soared skyward!! 12 of the 16 boys, including the 3 boys under age 10, went ahead and stripped off their suits. You could tell the girls WERE making a sincere effort to suppress their reactions, but you still definitely heard the expected expressions: “Oooooo” and “Ah-h-h-h-h” and “WOW!!”, and I even heard one girl say “YES!! YES!!” LOL
The adults applauded the boys daring deeds, and then the girls followed suit with their applause. The nude boys just grinned. They provided a REALLY nice variety of wieners that the girls VERY MUCH appreciated!! Lots of different sizes, shapes, and colors to see – and 3 with some hair down there. VERY CUTE!! We girls couldn't help but notice that one of the boys (Mike) from Aimee's class had exceptional large genitals (with a little hair)- his wiener was about 5 inches long SOFT - VERY NICE to gaze on!! To add to the viewing enjoyment, one boy from my class and one boy from Rick's class quickly got full boners!! - also VERY NICE to gaze on, and clamor about!! All of the boys seemed proud of their accomplishment, and at the same time, shy about standing in front of girls they knew very well, from school and in some cases from around their neighborhood too. I immediately thought about those YMCA Swim Class stories where the boys swam nude in front of sisters and other girls they knew, sitting in the gallery. Chills ran up and down my spine!! WOW!!
A couple of the mothers brought their cameras to one end of the pool, and took snap-shots of the boys and girls. The boys seemed very embarrassed by this. I walked over and told the mothers they probably should only take pictures while the boys are in the water, so they DON’T SCARE THE BOYS!!! Who knows how many other people might see those snap-shots, ...or where they might end up??!! Well, at least we girls didn’t have that problem to worry about!! He He He!!
But just as I had expected, there were a few boys who decided NOT to take the "nude plunge" – 4 boys to be exact. We girls would have to see what to do about that.
Part 2 is coming very soon!! Stay tuned!!
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Re: Vicky's Party - Part 1
Posted by BryanB on 2003-08-26 18:43:07
Wow, I can hardly wait for part 2!! I'm trying to put myself in the position of the boys at this party. First, if some girl my age or younger asked me to a party where the girls would be wearing clothes but I had to be naked ... I'd get red as a beet. I'm pretty shy, so the thought of getting naked in front of older women would be difficult, but I think it would be even worse to have to expose myself before girls my age or younger. I mean admittedly it would be exciting; but these would be girls who I would see in my class or around the neighborhood and they'd know exactly what I look like down there!
I guess thats what the girls liked about the party - it put the girls totally in control; they could see every part of every guy and there was nothing the guys could do about it. Talk about turning the tables! And being put on display like that, I'd feel very vulnerable. No wonder the guys were so well behaved.
I don't know I could face those girls again, after being at a party like that, knowing that they could always visualize me standing there with my penis hanging out. Plus I'd probably be walking around with an erection most of the time -- so it would be like they could read my mind.
I'll probably never get to go to a party like that, and I probably would lose my nerve if a girl asked me to go, but thanks to your story I feel like I was there.
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« Reply #1 on: Feb 11th, 2012, 6:52am »
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Vicky's Party - Part 2
Posted by Kim-W on 2003-08-27 17:05:48
Vicky’s Party, Part 2...
Both the boys and girls stood lined up on opposite sides of the pool. The 2 “tag along” girls walked over to one end of the pool to get a clear frontal view of the boys too. CUTE!! I shall NEVER forget the excited, very pleased looks on the faces of ALL the girls. Unlike most of the boys, the girls fell in love with CFNM IMMEDIATELY!!! LOL. (It was a much slower process for the boys.) After all of the girls had had about a minute to admire and enjoy viewing EVERYTHING the nude boys had, one of Aimee’s girlfriends started passing the word around to the other girls to chant for the boys who were still clothed (in trunks) to take off their suits too. However, one of the boys who still had his trunks on caught wind of this, and quickly hollered out “Well, what are we waiting for?” And with that he jumped into the pool. All of the other boys, and then the girls, jumped into the pool too.
Well, as I mentioned in Part 1, there were 4 boys who lost their nerve to strip off their swim trunks when the time came. But before I could even begin to think of how we girls were going to approach it, one of the mothers intervened. Her son was named Doug, who is in Vicky’s class at school. His mother called out his name as he swam around the pool, and he swam over to his mom, who instructed him to get out of the pool. When he did, she ordered him to remove his trunks, because she was convinced this idea would in fact markedly improve the boys’ behavior during the party. Doug replied “Mom,, I just, I just can’t do it.” She said “Most of the other boys have done it and they’re still living. In fact, they’re having a great time now in the water.” But Doug protested “I know, mom, but I just don’t feel up to it. There’s too many girls that I know!!” One of the girls was his sister - Peggy (who was clapping her wrists together earlier). Peggy had stopped swimming when she heard her mom call Doug, and now she had gotten out on the opposite side of the pool and was just standing there watching this confrontation – and eagerly awaiting the outcome!! He He!!
After arguing for several more moments, Doug’s mom could see that she wasn’t getting anywhere so she said to her son “OK, keep you trunks on, ...but you can just FORGET about the power go-cart and new video game your dad and I were going to buy for you.” Doug really protested “NO, that’s NOT FAIR!! You CAN’T DO THAT!!” Peggy showed her approval with a little smirk on her face, which Doug saw too. “I’m counting to 10” said his mom, “and before I get there, you’d better have those trunks off, boy, or I WILL NOT buy those things!! One, two, three,...”. Doug put the thumbs and fingers of both hands just inside the top of his trunks. Again he pled with his mom “Mom, PLEEEEEZE don’t make me!! PLEEEEEZE!!!” I couldn’t help but notice how much his sister was enjoying this seen – her smirk was real big now. By now, ALL of the boys and girls had become motionless in the pool, and were watching and listening to this confrontation too. His mom continued the counting, “...six, seven, EIGHT!!!,...”. From past history, Doug KNEW his mom would definitely keep her promise, so he just closed his eyes, at the count of “NINE!!!”, and pulled his trunks down and kicked them away. That brought another big cheer and round of applause from everyone.
I think I could see why he was so shy about taking his trunks off., and now his previous “little” secret was on display for all  He could tell that some kids were laughing and making comments about that. (Personally, I thought his privates looked VERY CUTE, tiny or not!!) Then, I saw his sister, standing in her one-piece suit, with cute little nipples sticking out, just beginning to develop. Despite the talk I gave the girls about not teasing or taunting, Peggy, with a big teasing grin on her face, patted her swimsuit, with one hand, just above her crotch, as her brother looked back over at her – obviously to tease the very embarrassed Doug that she STILL had HER suit ON!! LOL. Oh well, I wasn’t about to get into the middle of a sibling rivalry. So I just let it go.
Doug then tried to shake off this embarrassment by jumping into the pool and start playing with others, who also resumed their swimming. A few boys and girls were making teasing comments to Doug, and his sister gave him a little “Ha Ha Ha!!”, but I went over and quickly ended all of that, and told them all to just go have some clean fun. It was then that I first noticed that all of the boys WERE better behaved in the pool. They weren’t trying to rough-house with the girls like they usually do. Meanwhile, some of the girls were beginning to use the diving-masks to get great underwater views!! (Grandpa and grandma keep their pool water VERY CLEAR too!! LOL)
Another one of the boys in Vicky’s class, Randy , also still had his trunks on. It was time to see if we could convince him to go nude too. So I got Aimee, one of my girlfriends, and 3 girls from Vicky’s class: 1) Karen – a cute girl, who has wire-rimmed glasses (which she kept on in the water so she could clearly see the boys – LOL), and has dark brown hair and is slightly heavy-set, with tiny breasts; 2) Shannie – a big-boned, very cute blonde girl, who admits she has seen both younger and older boys nude before; She also has nice well-developed breasts; and 3) Kate – flat-breasted, but has beautiful, long auburn hair and a really cute face.
All 6 of us girls suddenly surrounded Randy, and all the other kids soon gathered around to watch. Randy yelled out “HEY, get away!! NO!!” But we 6 girls jumped him. My girlfriend, my cousin Aimee, Karen, and I held Randy tight, as Shannie and Kate tried to pull off his trunks, as Randy held them up. As I had instructed them a few seconds before, Shannie and Kate didn’t try very hard at first – I just wanted to test Randy a little to see how he would react. Thankfully, he did NOT get upset!! – in fact, he was giggling because he had never gotten so much “girl attention” in his life – and he LIKED it!!
So I gave the 2 girls the nod to go all out. Randy didn’t stand a chance – his trunks came sliding right off!! His wiener was also very interesting – it was skinny, but was at least 4 inches long, with no hair. So it had a really nice wiggle and swing to it as he move around inside and outside the pool. (He attracted a lot of attention from the girls with diving-masks too!!) A little while later, Vicky and I went over to Randy, standing outside the pool, and I said to him “You see. Doesn’t it feel so free and great?” He replied “Yeah, I see what you mean now. I was just afraid of the girls’ reactions, that’s all.” Vicky then told him “AFRAID?, you’re really popular with the girls now!!” Randy grinned at that, and then the birthday girl gave him a big kiss on the cheek and said to him “You’re REAL COOL, Randy baby!!” As a bonus, that produced a long, skinny boner too. LOL
Our next “boy target” was a boy in Aimee’s class at school. His name is Aaron. He is quite heavy-set, with red hair, fair skin, and lots of freckles. He was the only other boy who had a sister there. Her name is Jennifer, and she looks a lot like her brother. She is also quite heavy-set, with long red hair, fair skin, and lots of freckles. Her one-piece swimsuit was the style that had a very short skirt attached to the bottom for EXTRA MODESTY!! LOL
This time my girlfriend, my cousins Vicky and Aimee, and I all grabbed Aaron, while both of Aimee’s girlfriends lightly tugged on Aaron’s trunks. At first, Aaron got a little panicky, and yelled and tried to fight us off. I thought it must be because of his large body - he didn’t want that on display for all the girls. I was just about to blow my whistle and cancel this attack, when suddenly Aaron started laughing – it appeared he was enjoying the great “girl attention” the same way Randy had enjoyed it. His trunks slid down a little, but not enough yet. He was fighting back pretty hard, but thank goodness, he was still laughing about it!!
Finally, about 2 minutes later, he “ran out of gas”, and his trunks came easing their way down his legs. Because of the size of his body, his wiener looked smaller than it was. It looked only 2 inches long, with his wiener head mostly hidden by the excess wiener skin. (But later we saw him with a boner and it stuck straight out almost 5 inches.) The funniest thing was, his large sister, Jennifer, was laughing harder than anybody else. My brother Rick saw Jennifer laughing so hard, and said to me and Vicky “OF COURSE!! It’s REAL EASY for HER to laugh, isn’t it? – she gets to keep HER large body VERY WELL-COVERED the whole time!!” THAT’S CFNM!!!
Aaron went on to have a good time (NOT nearly as good a time as his sister had though). But he spent a lot of time either in the water or using a plate, a glass, or his cupped hand to keep girls from staring excessively at his “privates”, ...except of course when the girls were using the diving-masks under the water.
Part 3 is in work!! Stay tuned – lots more action to cover!!
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Vicky’s Party, Part 3...
As I mentioned in Part 2 of the party report, Shannie (from Vicky’s class) is a big-boned, very cute blonde girl, who has seen several boys nude before. She has a really cute body with nice well-developed breasts. She is also not the least bit shy around any boys. She was very impressed with Aaron’s acceptance of his nudity (remember Aaron is the heavy-set red head from Aimee’s class, and has a sister, Jennifer, from Vicky’s class). Shannie was so impressed, in fact, that she went over to Aaron in the pool, and began massaging his shoulders from behind, as she said to him “I think it’s really cool that you’re getting so used to swimming nude. Most girls are just a lot more self-conscious of their bodies, and especially any imperfections on their bodies. I just love the way you boys have just let all that go, and concentrated on just having a good time.” Aaron replied “Well, I still feel somewhat self-conscious of my body, but I think I’m learning not to care what people think of it. Big is NOT necessarily ugly.” Shannie smiled and said “Oh absolutely!! There are lots of big beautiful women, BBW’s they’re called, ...and there are big, nice-looking men and boys too. And I think you are one of them.” Aaron got a little embarrassed at that, and thanked her for the kind sediment.
The two of them spent about 15 minutes together talking in the pool, and then decided to go eat together. Shannie saved Aaron a place at her table. And that brings us to food time (about an hour and a half into the party). My mom, aunts, and grandma had grilled hamburgers and hot dogs just before the party, and deep-fried a ton of homemade French Fries during the party. They also had fixed a melon fruit salad and sliced home-grown tomatoes for all the kids and adults. We had soda, lemonade, and iced tea to go with it.
I was thinking way ahead on the dinner set-up too. I decided that all the ladies would go through the serving line first, as is only appropriate of course. So I set up the dining tables RIGHT NEXT TO the serving line, so that while the little ladies were seated eating their meals, the nude boys would be STANDING in the serving line RIGHT NEXT TO the very appreciative ladies. LOL. In addition, I helped serve the food, so that I could serve really slow while the boys were in line, in order to maximize the girls viewing pleasure. LOL AGAIN!! At one point, the serving table ran out of French Fries, so I took my good, sweet time bringing more fries out from the kitchen!!
The proximity of the gawking girls, along with some “strategic” adjusting that some girls were making to their swimsuits, made three of the boys get boners in the serving line. It was really funny to see how the 3 boys acted with them. At times they started to cup one hand over their boners, but then realized that that made them even more obvious. So most of the time they just left them uncovered, only occasionally covering them subconsciously. Man, you should have seen the girls who have no brothers at home!! -- they had temporarily paused while eating, and were now just staring at the variety of wieners (NOT the cooked ones!!) in the serving line!! Every once in a while, these girls would take a little morsel of food or just look away briefly, but mainly they would just stare.
I mentioned previously that I noticed a big improvement in the behavior of the nude boys. Well, I don’t know if this was due to their nudity (I’d sure like to think it was), but the boys actually began waiting on the ladies -- refilling their drinks and bringing more food if the girls wanted. The girls didn’t have to get up from the tables for anything -- but man were the girls glad that the boys kept getting up from the tables. LOL. Wow, the boys were true gentlemen!! (disguised as exhibitionists. He He!!)
Well, dinner was over. The cake and ice cream would come a little later on. But now it was back into the pool. As you might recall, there is still one boy at this point that still had his swim trunks on. His name is Phil, a 13-year-old boy from my cousin Kevin’s class. He’s kind of cute, and has light brown hair and a moderate build. Before dinner, a few of us girls had tried to get Phil’s trunks off too, but this time we got a negative reaction, so I had to blow the whistle and call off “the dogs”. Phil was clearly not ready for the CFNM experience.
But now good ol’ Shannie (the blonde bombshell, as we girls jokingly call her occasionally) went over to Phil in the water to reassure him, just as she had done earlier with Aaron. I couldn’t make out what she was saying to him except I heard her say something about joining the other boys. I said to myself “Well, we can only hope that Shannie can do the trick!!”
At this point, I noticed a lot of kids going into the basement, so I went in to see what was going on. Well, not surprisingly, it was about time for a lot of kids to pee, so there were 9 kids lined up waiting to use the bathroom in the basement – 3 boys and 6 girls. The bathroom door was closed when I got there, but then the door opened and a girl came out. Mike, who has the really large genitals, was next in line, and so he proceeded into the bathroom. But as he started to close the door, all 6 of the girls in line began to pleed with him to just leave the door open. “We’ve seen everything so far, why not let us see this too!!” exclaimed one girl. “Yeah, come on!! Why cover up now??” reasoned another girl. And all the girls followed with “Yeah, come on!! Come on!!”
So Mike must have figured he didn’t want to disappoint this many girls, so he left the door wide open, and stood and peed in FULL view of the elated girls!! (Just when the girls thought CFNM couldn’t get any better!! LOL) After Mike finished and went back out to the pool, 2 other girls went in (one at a time) and peed with the appropriate modesty (door closed). When they came out, though, they didn’t go back out to the pool, OH NO!! They loitered in the basement in order to see the other 2 boys in line do their thing!! (I certainly couldn’t blame them!!)
Doug, who has the tiny genitals that his mom made him expose, went into the bathroom next. Before he even looked like he was going to close the door, all of the girls were begging him to leave the door open just like Mike. All of the girls eyes were on his tiny wiener and sac. But NOBODY was teasing him this time -- they all just wanted to see his “little squirt” give a little squirt. And finally, Doug did not disappoint his female audience. The girls responded with a low-keyed cheer, and then everyone, including Doug, giggled over it. When Doug finished, he went outside. Meanwhile, another girl and a boy came in and joined the rear of the line.
The next kid in line, a girl, went in, closed the door, did her thing, came out again, and promptly loitered in the basement like the other girls. One of Kevin’s classmates was then next to go into the bathroom. By now he knew of course to just leave the door open, as the girls were directing him to do. But he could not make his stream come out. He tried and tried, but could not produce a drop!! He was turning deep red, partly from trying so hard, and partly from embarrassment. He and the girls in line tried to be patient, but with no success at all. Finally, he had no choice but to give up and close the door, so he could be at ease and pee. Afterwards, he said he had no objection to peeing in front of the girls, but psychologically, he just couldn’t somehow make it happen. The girls were very sympathetic with him and assured him it was okay.
Well, I had seen enough bathroom fun, so I went back outside. When I looked over at the far corner of the pool, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Shannie had Phil’s swim trunks off and was holding them in her hand, as she continued talking with him!!! SHE HAD DONE IT!!! She had talked Phil into going nude too!!! Way to go, Shannie!! I decided at that point to use the diving-mask a little myself. So I did. Phil looked very cute nude. He has a very decent size wiener, with a little hair coming in, and he has a really cute-shaped butt. All of the boys looked just HEAVENLY through the mask!!
Well, I know how anxious many of you are to read more about the party (especially Honeybunch!!), so I’ll stop here for now, and continue with a Part 4 later.
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Great story!
Reminds me of my younger days when we boys would sometimes skinnydip with girls present.
As is mentioned in this story the younger girls especially would scream in delight as they saw us strip naked to swim.
I think every girl and boy should have this innocent, non-sexual CFNM experiences while growing up.
For us boys it was a sort of dare thing and liked the attention given us by the girls, especially the older ones.
The girls on their part obviously enjoyed our  nudity.
I know this would probably not be acceptable today, but back then it was more innocent times and us kids had more freedom. There was also less scare-mongering  and prudishness than there is today,at least on the boys part.
Do you know if this story is fiction or actually happened as described?  
I wouldn't be surprised if it really happened, even in front of parents as described, since back then boy nudity wasn't considered as a big deal, even in front of girls.
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