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   balls Thai massage?
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balls Thai massage?
« on: Oct 16th, 2011, 8:31am »
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I found this clip on youtube, I know this is the stories board and not the pictures board, but i bring it here because i know that on this board there are people who know a lot about Assian massage.
in yhis clip, you can see from minute 1:45 a woman massaging a guy's balls. I never heard about such a massage and i wondere if anybody can explan this.
WARNING! In the first 1.45 minutes a guy explains about massage and it seems to me he is massaging first a woman and than a man with no serious nudity.
than you can see this woman doing the guy's scrotum.
One of the guys on YOUTUBE wrote this comment:  
 I've had a ball massage that is called "CHACA-SAI" in Hat Yai ( Southern Tahailand).
It worked well to me in terms of getting rid of the pain in the lower back that always happened after ejaculation. Sorry, it is nomore in BKK. Only master of massage can do it, you better not; ask young massage girl for it . Believe me.
The home site who presents this is
and sais:
Testicle massage Jap Kasai & Yok Thong
Lecturer Mae Karong
In this course, you can acquire two kinds of massages that mean Jap kasai and Yok Thong. Jap kasai is a massage to give good stimulation for the rise and the internal organs of the reproductive function by massaging the testicle directly.It is appealed to the womb and the ovary as Yok Thong, and a good effect is a massage to a lot of worries that are that can be expected.
#8251;A course for the experienced person.
#8251;Thai models fee is included.
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Re: balls THAI massage?
« Reply #1 on: Oct 17th, 2011, 4:32am »
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This is an interesting clip from Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.  I have had many traditional Thai massages and none like the one pictured.  Usually there is no sexual activity or exposure.
The only time I have had a testicle massage (khai nuad or "egg massage" in Thai) was in Bangkok's Chinatown (Yorawat) many years ago.  It was a traditional Chinese parlour and the lady who worked on me was a middle-aged, no-nonsense, expert who didn't speak a word of Thai.  The massage was pleasant but non-sexual although it did result in an erection on my part.  When I suggested that she finish the session with a hand job (using gestures) she laughed and left the room.  Fortunately, she was replaced by a young, cute, Thai-speaker who provided a happy ending.
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Re: balls Thai massage?
« Reply #2 on: Oct 17th, 2011, 5:26pm »
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The only testicle massages I had when living in Thailand were the erotic kind, usually as part of a skillful hand job. Occasionally in various parts of Asia I encountered masseuses who really enjoyed massaging testicles and did it well, but it was always erotic in intent. It does require skill and care beyond the ordinary, as one would expect. I can recall one, slightly overweight, Chinese girl in Singapore who was uncommonly skillful in erotic massages and had many unusual and stage-setting techniques (like a careful, prolonged tickling of first the inner, upper thighs, and then of the perineum) who sometimes did a type of testicle massage (she elevated and isolated them in a way tough to describe, but which was very effective).  
When I lived in China I had several massages that were strictly therapeutic in nature. These were done by people, often men as well as women, who had literally years of training. One very notable example was when I sought relief from lower back pain brought on by too damned much airplane travel. The guy never touched my lower back. All he did was massage very energetically the back of my right calf in a straight line from my knee to my heel, then pressed his finger tips into first the back of my knee and then the sole of my foot. It hurt like hell, and he did it three or four times -- but it cured my back pain for six months!  
More to the point of your question, during a conversation in another, earlier session, I recall a testicle massage "to heighten life energy" was mentioned, but I did not decide to have it. First of all, the person doing the massage was male. The scene was by no means the usual one for a massage. My Chinese at the time was lousy and fortunately there was a woman present who was there to do translation. She was the one who suggested it. The masseur was an older guy with over 15 years of training, and many years of experience on top of that, but who spoke no English at all. The prospect of her watching me get my balls massaged appealed to me, but the idea of a guy doing it did not.
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It's a Naked World! Nude Beaches - Public Nudity
It's a Naked World! Nude Beaches - Public Nudity

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