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It's a Naked World! Nude Beaches - Public Nudity
It's a Naked World! Nude Beaches - Public Nudity

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Hotel CFNM (True)
« on: Feb 10th, 2011, 8:53am »
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My partner and I took a short holiday earlier this year in Dubrovnik, Croatia. British Airways called the day before we left to say that the 4 star hotel we were booked into was in fact closed, so they had booked us into a nearby 5 star hotel at no additional expense. It was out of season and there were very few staff around. The lady who checked us in was an attactive mid-forties blonde with her hair in ringlets, smartly dressed in skirt suit. Her name was Ana. Ana told her main job normally was running the "Wellness Center" but when there was just a skeleton staff she did other things as well, such as manning reception. Over the next couple of days we went to the old town of Dubrovnik and did some siteseeing, but it was raining heavily and so subsequently we spent more time in the hotel. We looked for things to do in the hotel, so we read the brochure about the Wellness Center and a couple of things caught our eyes. One was a hot stone massage. I regularly have CFNM massages back at home, but my masseuse can't really bring a hot stone kit around with her so I had never tried it. The other item was body wraps, where they coat your body in something and then put towels around you for a while. The choices were mud, algae or warm chocolate. The idea of a woman coating me in warm chocolate was very appealing, as was my long-standing desire for a hot stone massage. So my partner and I both booked ourselves in for a hot stone massage and a chocolate body wrap. When I went for the full body hot stone massage Ana offered me some disposable underwear, but I politely declined, saying "I love being naked...and I love being massaged". She seemed surprised, but smiled at me and said that was OK. She asked me to undress and get on the massage table face down, and she left the room. She came back a few minutes later and placed a towel over my bare bottom and proceeded with the hot stone massage, which was lovely, but at no point did she see me nude. When I was due to turn over she raised the large towel high up as a barrier between us while I turned over. I found this very amusing. Later I returned to the Wellness Center for the body wrap. She led me to a small room with a massage table covered in plastic sheeting and left me alone for a few moments, with no other instructions. I took off my clothes as quickly as possible so that she would have no option but to see me naked on her return. She came back with a large bowl of chocolate and was momentarily surprised to see me naked, but then a big grin spread across her face. I think she remembered what I had said earlier, as she did not offer me the disposable underwear this time. She had me lie back on the table while she smeared the chocolate on me. She left out my hands, face, genitals and feet but covered everywhere else. She then wrapped me in clingfilm and covered me in towels and left me for half and hou with gentle music playing. It was lovely and warm. Afterwards she led me to the shower room. I showered and then called her over, asking if she would check me over for any chocolate left on me. More big smiles, then I did a twirl and she said "You have no chocolate!". Later on that evening I saw her back on the reception desk and she greeted me warmly. It was a nice thought that earlier this smartly dressed woman had seen me naked, and we had both enjoyed the experience.
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It's a Naked World! Nude Beaches - Public Nudity
It's a Naked World! Nude Beaches - Public Nudity

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