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   Testing the Runway Models (Fiction) - Part 7 Added
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   Author  Topic: Testing the Runway Models (Fiction) - Part 7 Added  (Read 6090 times)
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Testing the Runway Models (Fiction) - Part 7 Added
« on: Jun 7th, 2010, 9:54am »
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Testing the Runway Models (Fiction)
Chilled_Jill’s stories and her shared fantasies about naked runway models inspired me to write this silly little series.
Part 1, Ladies’ Night
The audience assembled with a buzz of anticipation. Models, designers, stylists, makeup artists, staffers, their family members and friends – all women over the age of 21 – were arriving early for the pre-show cocktail hour. No males allowed tonight! Men would inhibit the women, and Leesa wanted the sexually charged atmosphere of a male strip club.
Leesa Dillingsworth, the famous fashion designer, was hosting a special event open to invited guests only. The featured stars were the winners of a worldwide search for six extraordinary men who had never before modeled professionally. If the men passed tonight’s stress test in front of their first live audience – a room full of crazy, lustful women – Designs By Dillingsworth guaranteed them a one-year contract worth over $10 million and the chance of becoming the world’s first male supermodels.
The contest was part of a huge promotional campaign to launch their new line of men’s exotic swimwear. Leesa named the new line Braguettes, a French word that sounded more dignified than the English equivalent: codpieces. Braguettes swimwear feature a patented, ultra secret innovation: a detachable anatomical pouch made with an evolutionary thermal fabric that incorporated microtechnology. Instead of hiding a man’s physique, Leesa’s Braguettes celebrate the penis by emphasizing its shape and inducing erections that persist even while swimming in cold water. The swimwear and pouches were interchangeable, and each pouch style included unique features for the male who was daring enough to wear one.
A huge round of applause began when Leesa walked down the runway and took her place at the control booth. She turned off the music and the audience went silent. Standing so everyone could see her and speaking through a microphone, she made a few comments before introducing the men.
“Good evening, Ladies!”
Many of the women echoed her greeting.
“Before I introduce our sexy male models, I want to thank you all for coming tonight!”
Her intentional emphasis of the word “coming” caused the expected outburst of laughing, clapping, cheering, excited shouts, and wolf whistles.
When the room was quiet again, she continued, “You have all read the brochure, so I will not bore you by repeating everything. Our six models received preliminary training on walking the runway, posing, and making turns. Tonight will be their first experience modeling in front of a live audience. Too bad I forgot to tell them it is Ladies’ Night!”
She paused while they cheered and laughed.
“To add some fun to our evening, the gorgeous guys have never seen the new swimwear line they will be modeling. Wait until they discover the effect Braguettes have on the male anatomy!”
This statement drew a prolonged, lustful response from the audience.
When the women finally quieted again, Leesa said, “The pamphlet lists four rules that must be followed or you will be asked to leave. Rule One: Absolutely no touching the applicants unless I request it.”
She received good-natured booing from the audience.
“Rule Two: No intentional humiliation; in other words, please do not say anything if you cannot say something nice. Trust me; the six men you will meet tonight ARE nice!”
“Rule Three,” Leesa continued. “No throwing anything onto the stage, not even underwear ladies!
She paused for more laughing and pretend booing.
“Rule Number Four: When the music is playing, make lots of noise! Let the boys know you appreciate them! However, when I stop the music, please try to be quiet so that I can talk with the models and hear their responses.”
She saw nods of agreement from the audience.
“Remember, anyone who does not obey these four rules will be asked to leave, and you do not want to miss the naughty surprises we have planned for our winners!”
Leesa started the music. “Ladies, enjoy your evening. Now please welcome DILLINGSWORTH’S BEAUTIFUL BRAGUETTES BOYS!” She yelled the final words over the rising cacophony of cheering, shouting, and clapping.
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Re: Testing the Runway Models (Fiction)
« Reply #1 on: Jun 7th, 2010, 10:33am »
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Oh my, I like the sound of this!
Leesa’s Braguettes celebrate the penis by emphasizing its shape and inducing erections
Fabulous  Grin
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Testing the Runway Models (Fiction) - Part 2 Added
« Reply #2 on: Jun 8th, 2010, 8:03am »
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Part 2, The Surprises Begin
KC was apprehensive. Just moments ago, he had walked on stage wearing his first Dillingsworth Design of the evening: tropical board shorts, a tight matching muscle shirt, and sandals. Now he found himself standing on a two-foot high podium facing dozens of cheering, leering women!
The 1-foot high “practice” stage featured a runway that split the audience. KC and the five other winners were on numbered podiums spaced about five feet apart. Three podiums were left of the runway and three, including his, were to the right. KC was on number 3, closest to the right side of the runway.
While the music and crowd noise continued, KC was doing a mental calculation. He counted twenty-eight cabaret tables in the theater, with three women at each table. That meant eighty-four women were in the audience. He added Leesa Dillingsworth, four waitresses serving cocktails, and about a dozen employees helping with the show. KC felt a twinge of panic: he would be parading in a bathing suit in front of approximately one hundred women!
The music stopped and the crowd noise subsided.
“Congratulations on winning the contest, gentlemen!” Leesa announced with a grin. “Your wild all-girl audience is the first surprise of the evening. We have lots more surprises planned for you! Try to relax. We want you to have fun tonight too! Remember: you are not obligated to stay until the end. If you choose to leave early, however, one of the six runners-up will be hired in your place.”  
KC was willing to put up with almost anything for the ten million dollar salary she promised!
Leesa continued, “Say ‘Hello’ to your assistants, gentlemen. They will be helping you with your swimwear changes tonight.”
He sensed movement out of the corner of his eye. Looking to his right, KC saw a petite young woman with brown hair standing beside him. She wore white coveralls with black leopard spots that hugged her curvaceous figure. Behind her was a steel clothes rack on wheels.
She looked up with a smile and said, “Hi, I’m Amy.”
“KC,” he replied, returning her smile. “Nice to meet you.”
“Now for our next surprise,” announced Leesa. “Gentlemen, you will be changing into your new Braguettes swimwear right here on stage!”
KC felt the blood drain from his face as one hundred women enthusiastically responded.
“You heard me, boys. Start changing!”
He looked down at Amy, wondering what to do next. She withdrew a pair of swim shorts from the clothing rack behind her, turned, and crossed her arms. Grinning mischievously, she coached, “What are you waiting for, KC? Strip!”
KC quickly pulled his T-shirt over his head. Amy advised him to drop it on the stage at her feet. He obeyed and then stepped out of his sandals. Carefully lowering his board shorts with one hand, he held on to his black silk boxers with the other. He did not want to lose this job by indecently exposing himself!
There were roars of laughter, giggling and shouting from the audience, but he ignored them. Let the women enjoy the view: his boxers covered more than the bathing suits he wore at the beach. KC took the swim shorts from Amy and pulled them on, slipped into his sandals, and stood straight again.
When the music stopped and there was only whispered conversation, Leesa announced cheerfully, “We have a problem, Number 3. Model Number 3?”
He felt Amy’s small hand on his arm. “She is talking to you, KC. You’re Number 3.”
“Oh! Sorry Leesa, I forgot my number. What can I do for you?”
“Braguette boys only wear Braguettes.”
“I beg your pardon?” KC queried.
She explained, “Our new marketing slogan will be ‘Braguette boys only wear Braguettes!”
He looked at Amy for help, but she seemed confused and shrugged her shoulders. Checking the other contestants, KC noticed they were all barefoot. Blushing slightly, he quickly slipped off his sandals and dropped them at Amy’s feet. He confirmed he was now dressed identically to the other models and then stood straight again.
Leesa chuckled and said, “I am afraid that you have our naughtiest assistant, Number 3. Come on, Amy, tell him!”
KC looked down at Amy. She looked perplexed for a moment, but then grinned and said, “Oh yes, I forgot: YOU HAVE TO TAKE YOUR UNDERPANTS OFF!”
The music started, and some audience members started chanting, “UNDERPANTS OFF! UNDERPANTS OFF! UNDERPANTS OFF!”
He blushed again. With all eyes on him, he pulled down the swim shorts and laid them on the podium. Modestly covering his genitals with one hand, he removed his boxers with the other and dropped them on the floor.  
“ISN’T THAT CUTE? HE’S SHY!” teased a chic woman at the table directly in front of him. “COME ON NUMBER 3, SHOW US WHAT YOU’VE GOT!”
KC ignored her advice.
Naked except for both hands hiding his crotch, he suddenly realized his swim shorts were no longer on the podium. He looked on the floor and then glanced questioningly at Amy.
“Looking for these?” she said slyly as she pulled the swimwear from behind her back. “I wonder how you’re going to put them on with only one hand?”
He turned a darker shade of red. While shouting and wolf whistles filled the theater, KC uncovered his genitals just long enough to step into the swim shorts and quickly pull them up.
He frowned down at Amy. She grinned impishly and commented, “Nice glutes!” He laughed. Despite the embarrassment, he was starting to enjoy himself. This was certainly better than his old job back home – waiting tables for tips!
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Re: Testing the Runway Models (Fiction) - Part 2 A
« Reply #3 on: Jun 8th, 2010, 11:54am »
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Oh yes, this is a fun one!  
Now this is a fashion show I'd definitely like to watch Grin
 “Gentlemen, you will be changing into your new Braguettes swimwear right here on stage!”
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Re: Testing the Runway Models (Fiction) - Part 3
« Reply #4 on: Jun 10th, 2010, 8:08am »
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Thank you, Chilled_Jill, for reading my nonsensical story and finding something nice to say about it!  Kiss
Please note: some may consider
the next two parts to be slightly
off-topic. Now would be a good
time to visit the restroom, order
another cocktail, or enjoy some
delicious popcorn from our lobby.

---- the management

I guarantee that Part 5 will have gratuitous CFNM scenes!

Part 3, Braguettes Are A Man’s Best Friend
KC examined his Braguettes swim shorts. They were white nylon with a black line down each leg and lined with silk. He was wondering what was so special about them when he spotted a small slit in the front.
“I’m glad I noticed that,” he thought. “I don’t want anything popping out on the runway!”
He looked for buttons or snaps but could find no way to close the slit.
“Amy, is there a trick to this?”
“It’s easy, KC! Move your hands so I can show you.”
His pretty assistant reached inside the opening and gently pulled his penis and scrotum out. The slit closed, and his swim shorts looked perfectly normal – except for his genitals dangling in front!
KC was shocked. Quickly covering his crotch with both hands, he whispered, “What are you doing?”
Amy looked up at him innocently and batted her eyelashes a few times.
Leesa stopped the music. “Looks like Number 3 is eager to get started! Attaching the Braguettes is a three-step process. Assistants, please show your guys Step One.”
The other assistants performed Amy’s procedure, and soon all six men nervously faced the audience with their hands cupped in front of them.
“I think you will like Step Two, boys. Assistants, oil them up!”
Amy squirted baby oil into her right hand. She climbed onto KC’s podium and stood in front of him with her back to the audience. “Move your hands,” she instructed. “It’s my turn to play with it!”
He reluctantly uncovered. Amy lifted his flaccid penis and spread baby oil over the tip and down the shaft. She finished by stroking his cock three times.
“That’s not part of Step Two,” she grinned. “I just like doing it!” She continued to stand in front of him, shielding his body from the audience.
KC suddenly realized what must be happening. The reason for the girls-only audience was to teach the men how to model without getting an erection! He could not recall one male model in magazines or on television with a hard-on. He sometimes wondered how they managed it. How did they keep from having an erection while gorgeous supermodels draped over them and lustful women ogled them?
I will find out tonight!” he thought.
He felt a stirring in his groin and realized that Amy was still holding his oil-covered cock. With her head tilted to one side, she examined it curiously. Her inspection was causing his penis to thicken.
“I hope everyone liked Step Two!” said Leesa. “The final step is attaching the Braguettes.”
Amy removed a piece of white cloth from a pocket of her coveralls. With her right hand, she guided KC’s soft penis into a pouch opening. She pulled the top of the cloth towards his belly, causing the pouch to lift his penis to a vertical position. Gently rubbing the cloth over his pubis, it magically attached itself to his swim shorts.
The lower part of the pouch featured two soft scrotum cups with a small bungee cord attached. Amy gently lifted his balls into the cups and then stretched the bungee between his legs and around a button sewn into the crotch of his swim shorts. This added tension to the entire pouch, pulled his penis slightly out from his body, and lightly squeezed his balls.
“Models, please stand straight without moving. Assistants, step aside and give our audience their first look at the new Braguettes.”
While the audience applauded, KC was wondering why any man would voluntarily wear Braguettes. The pouch forced his soft cock to point straight up rather than drooping over his balls. It felt uncomfortable and unnatural, as if he had pulled on his underpants without tucking his genitals away properly.  Moreover, his penis’s upright position made his testicles feel vulnerably exposed.
“Are you sure I’m not wearing it upside-down?” he whispered to Amy.
“You don’t like your Braguette?” she replied, feigning surprise.
“The pouch does not feel right.”
“Wait five minutes. I guarantee it will grow on you!” She giggled.
KC did not think he would ever get used to the unpleasant feeling in his groin. “Could this be how models are prevented from getting an erection?” he wondered.
Leesa continued, “Ladies, it is time to reveal the Braguettes’ built-in secret! Are you ready?”
“YES!” shouted the audience in unison.
“Gentlemen, when I start the music, please walk forward to the edge of the stage where I will introduce you individually. This is your big moment, and I know you will rise to the occasion!”
The laughter and music and crowd noise started again. The men’s first step off the podium pulled the bungee cord taut. This tugged the Braguette downward slightly and forced their penises deeper into the pouch. As KC’s cock penetrated the silky material, the tip received a startling caress of pure pleasure. His second and third steps were so exquisitely arousing that he gasped and bent forward with his hands on his knees. The sensation was nearly indescribable! His cock felt like it was expanding inside a very tight, deliciously warm and wet pussy that sensuously stroked all sides of his penis with every step. He began experiencing an uncontrollable erection.
The women were going crazy! All of the gorgeous men had halted. Most were bending forward with their hands on their knees. Two of them were on their knees. The six models were breathing rapidly with wonderful expressions of disbelief on their faces. Each one soon exhibited a long and hard erection that continued to grow.
Amy appeared at KC’s side and helped him to straighten up. She laughed. “Don’t worry; you’ll get used to it!”
KC staggered to the front of the stage and stood before the audience with his eyes glued to the back of the theater and his mind on his genitals. As his penis lengthened, he could feel the skintight pouch sliding back his foreskin. With the head of his penis completely denuded in its soft cocoon, his throbbing cock seemed obscenely on display!
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Re: Testing the Runway Models (Fiction) - Part 3
« Reply #5 on: Jun 10th, 2010, 8:38am »
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I love it! Grin I've got a fabulous image in my mind now Kiss  
on Jun 10th, 2010, 8:08am, LadyLover wrote:
The sensation was nearly indescribable! His cock felt like it was expanding inside a very tight, deliciously warm and wet pussy that sensuously stroked all sides of his penis with every step. He began experiencing an uncontrollable erection.

Hehe! Where can I buy some of these? Wink  I'm sure that would be an incredible feeling for a man! Imagine making him do sports in them Kiss
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Re: Testing the Runway Models (Fiction) - Part 4
« Reply #6 on: Jun 14th, 2010, 7:54am »
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Part 4, Do the Boys Measure Up?
“As you can see, ladies, all of our winners are upstanding individuals!” said Leesa Dillingsworth, founder of Designs by Dillingsworth. “Gentlemen, when your number is called, please walk the runway and then return to your present position. I will keep the pace slow while you get used to your Braguettes.”
“Model Number 1. Ladies, please welcome Chad from San Diego, California.”
While awaiting his turn, KC continued staring at the back of the theater. He was trying to stay absolutely still. Now that he was aroused, just shifting his weight produced a remarkable wave of pleasure in his groin.
When Number 1 reached the runway, Leesa continued, “Chad is twenty-two years old. A native Californian, he has dark blonde hair and green eyes. He is six feet two inches tall and weighs 205 pounds.”
She hesitated. “Oh dear, there are two important statistics missing from my copy. Would the ladies at Table Number 1 help me by approaching the stage in front of Chad?”
Three women, all in their mid-twenties, bolted out of their chairs and practically ran to the stage.  
“All of the boys are wearing Braguettes Rulers. If you look closely, girls, you will see that the heat from his manhood has revealed measurements in half-inch increments. Please tell me the length of Chad’s penis.”
“Seven and one-half inches,” one of the women announced.
“Is he circumcised or uncircumcised?”
“Umm, circumcised!”
“Thank you, please take your seats.” Pretending to write down the statistics, Leesa said, “Chad has a seven and one-half inch long circumcised penis. Very nice! Next is Model Number 2. Table 2, please approach the stage and wait for his return.”
KC looked down when three young women arrived to his right. He nodded and said, “Hi!”
The gaze of all three quickly rose from his Braguette to his eyes. They smiled and chimed, “Hello!” and then slowly dropped their eyes down to his waist again. KC resumed staring at the back of the theater, more self-conscious than ever.
“Model Number 2’s name is Gian and he resides in Florence, Italy. He is twenty-four years old, has dark brown hair and brown eyes. Standing five feet eleven inches tall, Gian weighs 190 pounds.”
When Model Number 2 returned to his place to KC’s right, Leesa asked the women from Table 2 for his missing statistics.
“Gian’s beautiful uncircumcised penis is six and one-half inches long!” the boldest of the girls announced.
Next was KC’s turn. When he began walking gingerly towards the runway, his erect penis felt like it was thrusting inside of a woman.
“Model Number 3 is KC from Atlantic City, New Jersey. Born in Norway, he is now a U.S. citizen. KC is twenty-one years old. He has blonde hair and blue eyes, stands six feet four inches tall, and weighs 220 pounds.”
Looking straight ahead, aware of the whistling and shouting, KC walked down the runway, made two turns with poses, and then walked back. The silky insides of his virtual woman stroked him every step of the way.
When KC returned to his spot, three women from Table 3 awaited with bright eyes and big grins.
“Hi KC, I am Lynn,” said the chic, sixtyish woman who earlier had advised him to move his hands. She was a stately, auburn-haired matriarch.
“This is my granddaughter, Shannon . . .” Her granddaughter was obviously one of Dillingsworth’s models: nearly six feet tall, expertly styled blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, and perfect makeup. The top four buttons of her brown dress were open, revealing a generous portion of her breasts, and the dress was so short that nearly half of her body consisted of long legs.
“. . . and this is her friend, Amanda.” KC decided the friend was his favorite. Looking younger than the 21-year-old requirement, she was a slim dark-eyed, dark-haired beauty who reminded him of Nina Dobrev.
When Leesa asked for KC’s vital statistics, all three women leaned in for a closer look. The grandmother put her reading glasses on.
“Eight inches long and delightfully circumcised,” Shannon declared.
“Thank you. KC has an eight-inch long circumcised penis,” she repeated. “That’s a big one! Now for Model Number 4.”
The grandmother returned to their table, but the young women paused while their gazes lingered on KC’s Braguette. Amanda turned to Shannon, cupped her hand around Shannon’s ear, and whispered something. Both girls giggled.
Shannon looked up at KC and disclosed, “Amanda says you have a cute cock!”
Amanda blushed and scolded, “You weren’t supposed to tell him!”
“Thank you, Amanda!” KC grinned as they returned to their seats.
By this time, the model to KC’s left was on the runway. “David is twenty-one years of age and his home is in Preston, Lancashire, England. He has brown hair and blue eyes, stands exactly six feet tall, and weighs 195 pounds.”
After receiving the statistics for Model Number 4, Leesa repeated, “David’s penis is seven inches long and uncircumcised. Wonderful! Next is Model Number 5.”
A minute later she continued, “Model Number 5 is Andre from Bruges, France. He is twenty-two years old, has black hair and eyes, stands six feet five inches tall, and weighs 240 pounds.”
When Andre returned to his spot, Leesa requested his vital statistics.
“Andre is blessed with a spectacular nine-inch circumcised black beauty!”
A round of applause from the audience followed her report.
Leesa laughed. “Model Number 5 has a nine-inch circumcised penis. Impressive! Our last winner is Model Number 6. Ladies, please welcome Ian.”
While Number 6 walked the runway, Leesa continued, “Ian is twenty-five years old and lives in Melbourne, Australia.  He has light brown hair and hazel eyes.  Weighing 230 pounds, Ian is six feet four inches tall.”
“What are his vital statistics, ladies?”
“Seven inches and circumcised,” was the reply.
“Ian’s circumcised penis is seven inches long. Lovely! Ladies, please join me in thanking our six Braguettes Boys for being such good sports.” Leesa paused for the applause. “Now let’s keep things rolling. Gentlemen, please return to your podiums. Our senior fashion designer, Evelyn Head, will be demonstrating the proper way to change a Braguette.”
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Re: Testing the Runway Models (Fiction) - Part 4 A
« Reply #7 on: Jun 14th, 2010, 11:13am »
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Grin  I now have a lovely mental image of all these boys, thank you !  Kiss
This is a really fun story, I can't wait for the changing Grin
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Re: Testing the Runway Models (Fiction) - Part 5
« Reply #8 on: Jun 16th, 2010, 8:57am »
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Testing the Runway Models (Fiction)
Part 5, A Demonstration

Everyone gave Evelyn Head a standing ovation as she walked to the stage. Sixty-four years old but looking two decades younger, she was a legend in the fashion industry and was descended from four generations of fashion legends.
“Would you help me with my demonstration, Andre?” she asked the tall black model on podium 5.
“I would be honored,” he replied sincerely.
She positioned herself to his left and turned towards the audience.
“Thank you for your applause! Is everyone having fun tonight?” When the exuberant cheers subsided, she began her demonstration. “The Braguette attaches to the swimwear using an extraordinary innovation inspired by the feet of geckos! The bond is very strong and virtually impossible to break unless you know the secret.”
She surprised Andre by wrapping her fingers around his nine-inch long pouch and giving it a firm tug. The crowd laughed as he gasped and rose onto his toes. The cloth did not come off.
“The trick is to find the edge where it attaches to the swim shorts and peel it downward, almost like taking off an adhesive bandage.” She demonstrated the technique.
“The next step is to release the cord attached to a button sewn into the crotch. Would you do that for me, Andre?”
He reached between his legs and, after a moment of fumbling, unhooked the cord.
“Next you slide his testicles out of their cups,” she explained. Carefully cradling Andre’s scrotum in her left hand, Evelyn used her right hand to free him. “You must be gentle. We want beautiful boys like Andre to have lots of babies!”
“The final step,” she continued, “is to slide his penis out of its pouch. My male colleagues tell me it feels a bit like withdrawing from a woman’s vagina.” She removed Andre’s Braguette and then instructed, “This will be a complete change, so please remove your swim shorts, dear.”  
While Andre awkwardly attempted to retract his erection through the swim shorts’ small opening, Evelyn said, “This was the first problem we encountered. Forget about quick changes!” The women laughed as they watched Andre struggle.
Finally managing to remove his swimwear, he handed them to Evelyn and then stood straight on the podium with his hands covering his genitals. She passed the swimwear to Andre’s assistant, a blonde heartbreaker wearing bright yellow coveralls.
Evelyn took Andre’s left hand. Walking behind him, she pulled his left arm so that it rested against his bare bottom and then climbed onto the podium to his right.
“Would you hold me, Andre, so I don’t fall?”
He reluctantly moved his right hand and put his arm around the fashion designer. With his left hand pulled behind his back and his right arm hugging Evelyn, Andre faced the audience completely naked and exposed.
“You are a handsome man, Andre.” Evelyn stroked his pecks, teased a nipple, and then slid her hand down over his well-developed abs. “Beautiful,” she said admiringly. Isn’t he magnificent, ladies?”
The crowd voiced their approval.
“Now, where was I? Oh yes,” she continued with her hand resting below his navel, “as you can see, a man is extremely aroused and his penis very sensitive after wearing a Braguette.”
To demonstrate, Evelyn brushed her fingers over the glans of Andre’s penis. With a quick intake of breath, his hips twitched and his cock bobbed. The audience laughed.
Evelyn grinned. “See what I mean? Are you OK, Andre?”
“I’m fine,” he answered breathlessly.
“Would you hand me the next Braguette, Leah?” she asked Andre’s slender assistant. “Thank you!”
Evelyn explained, “Inserting an erect penis into a Braguette is almost impossible.” She demonstrated by sliding the pouch onto Andre’s cock and attempting to pull it on. Andre moaned.
“See? I can only push his penis in a few inches.” She removed it and then tried again. Andre started getting weak-kneed.
“To solve this problem, we tried applying another coating of baby oil. Leah, would you squirt some in my hand?”
As Evelyn began applying the baby oil, she continued, “This seemed like a good idea, but as you will see we ran into another problem,” She started at the tip of Andre’s penis, stroked down his shaft, and then lightly caressed his balls.
Andre started squirming. In his excitement, he began protesting in French.  
“Non. Attendez!”
She stroked back up his penis and spread oil over the bulbous head.  
“Vous devez arreter!”
Ignoring his pleas for her to stop, Evelyn stroked him again, sliding back his foreskin as her hand moved down his shaft.
It was too late. Andre grunted, thrust his hips forward, and a glistening stream of semen shot high into the air. The women sitting at Table 5 directly in front of him shrieked and scattered!
Evelyn laughed and stepped off the podium. “I’ll let you finish,” she said.
Andre quickly grasped his penis and continued stroking. He spurted four more times before he was finished.
Grinning broadly while she watched, the legendary designer quipped, “Does everyone see the flaw in this method?”
“Clean up on podium 5!” Leesa cheerily announced over the microphone.
A smiling young woman, her dark hair streaked with scarlet highlights, pushed a yellow cleaning cart onto the stage. She mopped the floor and then, using paper towels and a washcloth, tenderly cleaned Andre’s quivering and shrinking penis.
While Leah dressed Andre in purple board shorts and matching Braguette, Evelyn stepped onto the platform of the very nervous Model Number 4. She continued her demonstration by removing his Braguette. David immediately cupped his hands over his genitals, but she insisted, “Don’t be shy, handsome. Keep your arms to your sides and show us your beautiful cock!”
Blushing, he dropped his hands and received an enthusiastic ovation. Evelyn grinned mischievously and fondled his balls. “I love touching men after they have been wearing a Braguette. Look how aroused he is!” She flicked her index finger lightly across the opening at the tip of his penis. David gulped, shuddered and bounced.
“You saw the difficulties we had with adorable Andre. Obviously, we will have the same problems with delightful David unless we try something else. During our research, we discovered that the fastest way to change a Braguette is to cool the penis first. Tia, would you hand me a washcloth?”
David’s lovely redheaded assistant, wearing form-fitting blue coveralls, withdrew a washcloth from a cooler of ice water, wrung it out, and handed it to Evelyn.
When the designer wrapped the damp, freezing washcloth around David’s penis, he shivered.
“Cold, isn’t it?” Evelyn chuckled. “I can already feel his erection subsiding. Applying the cloth to his testicles also helps.” She wiped his penis and balls with the wet cloth and within a minute, he was soft enough to remove his swim shorts without difficulty. After David pulled on a pair of royal blue board shorts, Evelyn reached through the opening and pulled his genitals out.
“Thanks to the cold washcloth trick, look how easy it is for him to change.” She finished dressing him in a matching royal blue Braguette.  
“Walk to the edge of the stage with me, David.” Holding his hand, Evelyn led the model forward. His Braguette started inflating like a balloon, and after three steps, he was fully erect again.
THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!” she said over the rousing round of applause. Evelyn kissed David, hugged and kissed Andre, and then returned to her seat.
Leesa announced, “Thank you, Evelyn. Nice job, Andre and David! We will now take a fifteen-minute break. Assistants, please help your models change and then escort the Braguette Boys to our backstage lounge.”
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Re: Testing the Runway Models (Fiction) - Part 5 A
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It was too late. Andre grunted, thrust his hips forward, and a glistening stream of semen shot high into the air.

That gave me the most wonderful mental image! I bet a lot of guys here would like to swap places with Andre!
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Re: Testing the Runway Models (Fiction) - Part 5 A
« Reply #10 on: Jun 18th, 2010, 3:00pm »
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Hi It is extremely nice and erotic story.. I am lovin it... I am looking forward to some hot interaction between KC and Lynn.  I know I may sound wierd but just imagine.. wont that be more erotic..?
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Re: Testing the Runway Models (Fiction) - Part 5 A
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I am using Chilled_Jill's moniker without her permission, and hopefully she will forgive me.  Undecided
REMINDER: This is a work of fiction, completely invented by LadyLover. All of the characters are fictitious, and any resemblance to actual persons, including Chilled_Jill, is purely coincidental.
Part 6, Jill’s Chilled Water Treatment
Leesa was delighted by the program so far and pleased with all of the young men. After the break, she turned the music off and introduced the next segment.
“Ladies, may I have your attention please? Thank you. The Braguette Boys are secluded in the dressing room and cannot hear us. I need a few minutes to give you an introduction to our next segment and some special instructions.”
She flipped a switch and most of the theater lights went out.  
Reminiscing in the dark, she continued, “I used to have a very special assistant named Jill who was the most inventively naughty woman I ever met! Unfortunately, I have lost touch with her, but you can believe that wherever Jill is today, she is tormenting some lucky boy! She specialized in concocting unique ways to display the male models. Of all her creations, the next test is my personal favorite! We call it Jill’s Chilled Water Treatment.”
“As you can see, during the break our technicians added a small covered bridge that now connects the stage to the runway. Each man will enter the stage alone. The theater will be nearly dark, except for a small path of lights that leads across the bridge and down the runway. When he walks through the bridge, the Braguette Boy will be surprised by the first of Jill’s playful surprises: he will be drenched in cold water!”
Leesa pushed a button and jets of water sprayed inside the covered bridge from above, below, and the sides. The water drained into a recycling reservoir underneath.
“We mix a little oil with the water and then refrigerate the mixture until it nearly freezes. Jill liked the way it makes the men’s nipples stiffen and their bodies glisten! After his unexpected shower, he will walk forward to the center of the runway. The moment he hits the mark in the center, this is what happens.”
She pressed another button, and four spotlights emanating from her booth and the bridge crisscrossed at the exact center of the runway, making a bright horizontal ‘X’.
“All of these effects are computer programmed and automated, so the spotlights will strike each man at Braguette-level the moment he hits the center mark. When he leaves the circle, the spots will go out and he will proceed to the end of the runway where four moving, colored spots will illuminate him from the corners of the theater."
She turned the moving spotlights on briefly and then turned them off.
“The white spotlights turn on when he reaches the center mark again. When he crosses the bridge on his return stroll, heat lamps and warm air blowers hidden inside will dry him. A second path of lights leads back to his dimly lighted podium, where he will stand and watch as the next model enters.”
Leesa paused and then said, “The boys are being told this is a test of their modeling abilities. They know there are a few surprises lurking on the runway, and their job is to ignore them, keep their heads up and their concentration on their modeling. This all sounds interesting but not too exciting, right ladies?”
After their response, she continued, “Jill hid several secret teasers in her Chilled Water Treatment that I think you will enjoy. First, our gorgeous guys are wearing Emperor board shorts and Braguettes. They do not know that the Emperors are designed to become transparent when wet!”
The buzz of excitement turned to raucous approval.
When the noise subsided, she added, “The second teaser is that the spotlights are not designed to distract the models. Their purpose is to illuminate the boys’ transparent clothing for our viewing pleasure!”
The crowd laughed and applauded this fine joke!
“The third teaser occurs on the podiums. As each man watches the next model in line, he will suddenly realize the secret that you already know: he just walked the runway in a see-through bathing suit! Their reactions should be priceless! Now for the final, challenging test included in Jill’s Chilled Water Treatment. After all six models have walked the runway, they have to do it one more time, this time knowing they are wearing the Emperor’s new clothes!”
The women noisily expressed their approval and began loudly conversing.
Leesa had to shout to quiet them. “LADIES! LADIES, MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE?” Thank you! For this to succeed, I need your help. Give the boys lots of encouragement, but do not say anything that will give away the secret. We do not want them to know about the transparent bathing suits until the second time they walk the runway! Will you do that for me? Great! OK, please send in Model Number 1, Chad from California!”
Leesa prepared to make notes under a small desk lamp in her booth. Her design staff reported some technical difficulties with the Emperors. She would watch for those as well as any problems with the novice models and then discuss the list at next Monday’s staff meeting.
The first problem she noticed was with Chad, not his Braguette. He paused when he entered the darkened theater and hesitated when the water first hit him. Upon exiting the bridge, he stopped to wipe water out of his eyes and brush his hair to the side.
That’s all right, we can break him of that habit,” she thought.
The white Emperor that Chad was wearing worked perfectly. When the four spotlights illuminated his board shorts, Leesa had to look closely to reassure herself that he was actually wearing swimwear! Judging by the remarkably loud cheering and applause, the audience approved too!
Chad managed the spotlights well, but he briefly paused again on his return trip through the bridge. Overall, she did not detect any problems with the white Emperor but made a note to address Chad’s hesitation habit.
“Thank you, Chad!” Leesa announced. “Please send in Model Number 2, Gian from Florence.”
The handsome Italian model was wearing a royal green Emperor. When Gian exited the bridge and hit the center mark, she glanced towards the first podium and saw a surprised Chad looking down at his board shorts. Leesa grinned.
She quickly returned her gaze to Gian and enjoyed her view of his six-and-one-half inch cock. She remembered his measurement without checking her notes because his length almost eliminated him from the contest. The original specs had required a seven-inch to nine-inch penis. Dillingsworth’s wanted men with enough cock to please the ladies – and to be seen from the back of the theater – without being so large that they would discourage men with smaller penises. She almost excluded Gian based on his size alone, but he was too good looking to pass up!
Next was Leesa’s personal favorite: KC, model number 3. He was grinning broadly. As expected, his pace was perfect, and he never hesitated. She almost ordered him to hesitate when the spotlights came on. His transparent Emperors revealed a golden god with a gorgeous penis! If he had any body hair, it was too light in color to see under the lights. As he posed in the spotlight, KC was the perfect embodiment of the word “cocky”. She was so enthralled that she forgot to check Gian’s reaction!
When he reached the end of the runway and the colored spots came on, KC was looking directly at Leesa. Was it her imagination, or did his grin broaden even more? Unexpectedly, he winked at her! She regally nodded to him but then giggled like a smitten schoolgirl.
KC turned and walked back to the center mark. The spotlights illuminated again, and Leesa immediately detected a problem with the Emperors. Her eyes automatically dropped to KC’s gold Braguette, but it was no longer transparent! Either he had an especially hot cock (an idea that gave Leesa a warm tingly feeling), or the thermal heat reflection was causing the pouch to dry too quickly. She made a discussion note for Monday’s design meeting.
“Thank you, KC. Nice job! Ladies, please welcome Model Number 4, David from England.”
Leesa was so interested in seeing KC’s reaction to the invisible swimwear that she almost missed David’s first appearance in the spotlights. She knew when he hit the center mark, however, because she watched KC double over with laughter!
David was wearing royal blue board shorts and Braguette. Leesa frowned to see that his pale skin was barely visible through the blue material. When he returned to the center mark, the swimwear was completely opaque!
Andre’s royal purple ensemble was even worse. In fact, his dark skin was so indiscernible from the purple material that the crowd booed. David, on his podium, did not even realize it was supposed to be transparent. The audience’s disapproval made Andre frown. He paused.  
Leesa stopped the music and explained, “Sorry, Andre, you are doing very well! Unfortunately, your swimwear has a defect. The audience is booing your Braguettes, not you. Please continue. I will explain the problem in a few minutes.”
She started the music. Andre continued his runway walk, but this time there was polite applause.
“Thank you, Andre! I am sorry that we interrupted your walk. Next is Ian from Australia.”
Leesa made a note that Ian’s pace was a little fast, as if he was trying to rush to get through his runway walk and back to the podium. He was taking three steps for every two that he should have been taking, so that half of the time he was off the beat.
When Model Number 6 passed through the bridge and reached the center mark, there were loud cheers of approval again. Like Chad’s white swimwear, the water caused Ian’s yellow board shorts and Braguette to disappear. David and Andre discovered at the same time that they were wearing see-through clothing. Andre was still puzzled by his negative reception, while David looked down to see if his was transparent like Ian’s or opaque like Andre’s.
“Ladies, please join me in congratulating our Braguette Boys on their excellent performances!”
After the prolonged applause, Leesa added, “Gentlemen, the audience would like to take another look at your wonderful Braguettes Emperor swimwear. Please stroll the runway one more time, starting with Model Number 1. Chad, try to ignore the obstacles and maintain your pace.”
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Re: Testing the Runway Models (Fiction) - Part 5 A
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on Jun 18th, 2010, 3:00pm, unmeshg19 wrote:
Hi It is extremely nice and erotic story.. I am lovin it... I am looking forward to some hot interaction between KC and Lynn.  I know I may sound wierd but just imagine.. wont that be more erotic..?

Thank you for the suggestion, unmeshg19!
There will be some audience participation during Part 7. I intended to use Amanda from Table 3; however, since I have not started writing yet, I suspect Lynn will be chosen instead!
KC and Lynn should make an interesting pair!  Wink
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Re: Testing the Runway Models (Fiction) - Part 5 A
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Thank you, LadyLover!
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Re: Testing the Runway Models (Fiction) - Part 5 A
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Oh wow, I love this  Grin  The models all sound rather gorgeous!  
And I'm very proud to have a procedure named after me  Grin
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Re: Testing the Runway Models (Fiction) - Part 5 A
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Some really good writers around here.
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Re: Testing the Runway Models (Fiction) - Part 5 A
« Reply #16 on: Jun 25th, 2010, 8:01am »
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on Jun 24th, 2010, 3:22pm, mikef wrote:
Some really good writers around here.

I agree! Thank you for including me.  Smiley
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Re: Testing the Runway Models (Fiction) - Part 7
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on Jun 24th, 2010, 2:02pm, Chilled_Jill wrote:
And I'm very proud to have a procedure named after me  Grin

Thank you for being such a good sport, Chilled_Jill!  Kiss
Part 7, Audience Participation
After the applause for Jill’s Chilled Water Treatment ended, Leesa announced, “It is time for our first raffle of the night. Please have your tickets out, Ladies. I will draw six numbers, and the winners will join the men on stage and help them with their next swimwear change!”
She paused while the women excitedly reacted to the news. When it was quiet again, she reached into a fishbowl filled with tickets, drew one out, and announced, “The first ticket is U-N-M-E-S-H-G-1-9.”
“BINGO! I mean, that’s my number!” said an excited woman to Leesa’s left.
“Please come up to the booth and give me your ticket.”
Scanning the crowd, she saw movement and recognized Lynn, the highest-paid model in the days when Leesa’s mother ran the business.
“Hi Lynn and congratulations! Since I called your ticket first, you have your pick of the six models. Which lucky Braguette Boy would you like to assist?”
“They are all so wonderful, but I will take Model Number 3, KC!”
Leesa laughed. “Sorry, he’s mine, but you are welcome to borrow him for this demonstration!”
When Lynn stepped onto the stage and approached KC, he was grinning broadly.
“Hi Lynn,” he said. “I’m glad you picked me! Have you met our teammate, Amy?”
“Good evening, Amy. Yes, I haunt the backstage areas quite often.”
“You used to be a Dillingsworth model, didn’t you?” asked KC.
“How did you know?”
“You are a remarkably elegant woman.”
She was pleased with his compliment. Her eyes sparkled – there might even have been a tear –and she said simply, “Thank you.”
“Do you still model professionally?”
“Just an occasional shoot when they need a dried-up old trout to contrast with the beautiful girls like my granddaughter.”
“Shannon is beautiful,” he admitted. “But you are no dried-up old trout. I would call you a classic beauty.”
Lynn blushed. “You make me feel young again.”
Amy, who had been watching and listening with a pleased smile, interrupted. “All of the winners have been chosen, so we should get started. Lynn, do you remember how to remove KC’s Braguette?”
“Yes, I was paying attention!” she chuckled. “For starters, I’m not supposed to do this.”
She wrapped her hand around KC’s Braguette and gave it a couple of gentle tugs.
He gasped. “Are all Dillingsworth employees so naughty?”
“Only when we are within groping distance of a hunk!” Lynn quipped.
The theater filled with laughing, cheering, and lusty comments as the lottery winners began undressing the men. Lynne separated KC’s Braguette from his board shorts using the unpeeling technique that Evelyn Head described. When KC reached to unhook the cord, Lynn pulled his hands away.  
“That’s my job!” she declared.
She fumbled between his legs for a moment before releasing him. Grinning, she held his testicles and freed his balls from the Braguette. She shifted her grip and held the base of KC’s penis as well as his balls while she attempted to pull the pouch off.
“My goodness, this is tight!” she commented. When she finally managed to free KC’s erect cock from the Braguette, she added, “No wonder! Look how big it is!”
“This should fix that problem,” said Amy, taking the Braguette from Lynn and handing her a washcloth soaked in ice water.
Lynn began wiping KC’s penis and balls with the cold washcloth. She was very gentle and thorough, carefully cleaning under his foreskin and around his scrotum. Despite the frosty cloth, he was enjoying her technique.
“I can tell that you have done this before!” he teased.
“Yes, I have two sons and three grandsons. I cleaned a lot of little willies in my day.”
“And handled lots of big ones too, I’ll bet!”
She grinned. “Yes, a few. But never one as big as yours!”
Finished cooling him down, Lynn held his limp penis for a moment and admired it. “This is a nice cock. No wonder Leesa wants to keep you for herself!”
Amy interrupted, “We need to change your board shorts too, KC.”
Lynn stopped him from pulling them down. “Oh no, I get to do that too!”
When he was naked, Amy gave Lynn a shirt and said, “The next ensemble includes a top.”
Soon KC posed in front of the audience wearing a short black tank top and nothing else. While mischievous Amy pretended she could not find the lower half of his outfit, he smiled widely and waited patiently without embarrassment. Leesa let Amy take her time. She enjoyed checking out KC and his relaxed penis.
Lynn was the person who was embarrassed! The other models were all ready to go, so the audience was looking at her expectantly as she stood beside a handsome man who was wearing nothing below the waist. She blushed! Her face got even redder when KC pulled her arm behind his back, held her left hand against his bare bottom with his left hand, and then hugged her around the shoulders. When she looked up in surprise, KC leaned down and kissed her lips. The crowd cheered!
“Umm, Amy,” he said as his penis started lengthening again. “You had better find that swimwear soon or get me another washcloth!”
“Oh, here it is!” she exclaimed, suddenly yanking a clothes hangar from the rack.
While Lynn finished dressing KC, Leesa was announcing again.
“Ladies, it is time for your test! Our models are going to make two runway walks. When your hunk returns to his podium after his first walk, you must change his Braguette in time for him to take his second walk. You must be quick, girls! When it is time for his second walk, your model must leave his podium, even if you have not finished putting on his Braguette!
The women in the crowd roared with laughter again. There were sly comments like, “Take your time, girls!” and “There’s no hurry!”
Leesa smiled and waited for the noise to subside.
“Gentlemen, there is a little test for you too! For the second walk, you will be wearing the Braguette Mysterydates. Unlike the pouches you have been wearing, these have only five pressure strips: four wrap around the front of the pouch and one wraps around the back. You may recognize the way these five “fingers” encourage your anatomy.”
Leesa started the music, and Lynn wished KC, “Good luck!”
His first walk went without incident. When he returned, Lynn immediately began peeling off his Braguette.
Amy handed KC the Mysterydate, winked, and said, “I won’t slow you down this time!”
While Lynn manipulated his genitals, he examined the new Braguette. This one was black with a design that looked like a white hand wrapped around it. Mysterydate. Masturbate. He was going to enjoy working for a company with such dirty-minded employees!
“Oh!” he exclaimed when Lynn wrapped the icy cloth around his erection.
“Just trying to get your attention!” She laughed. “Stop ignoring me!”
“Sorry, Lynn. You are doing great!” He put his arm around her shoulders again as he felt his penis relaxing.
“That’s better!” She took the Braguette from his hands and started attaching it.
“You forgot the oil!” he said, pouting his lips. “That’s my favorite part.”
“Oops, sorry!” Lynn returned the Braguette to him and squirted oil in her hands. “How could I forget? This is my favorite part too! I must be getting Alzheimer’s.”
She started gently massaging his penis with her slick hands. Unlike Amy, Lynn used a two-handed technique that KC found extremely pleasurable.
“That feels wonderful, Lynn, but you had better start attaching the Braguette. Model Number 1 is already starting his second walk,” he warned.
“Just another minute,” she said. Tilting her head to one side and smiling, she watched her hands slide over his cock. Reluctantly, she stopped and began attaching the Mysterydate. Moments before KC had to step off, she managed to hook the cord around the button between his legs.
“Good luck again!” she wished him.
KC found it difficult to maintain his pace at first. The pouch’s five-fingered caress almost felt like Lynn was still holding on! The feeling was remarkably similar to masturbating. He had to admit: it felt nice! Suddenly he heard a SPROING! and the bungee cord released. He felt the pressure around his balls ease.
As KC started up the runway, he noticed that something felt different. The masturbation sensation continued but the arousal felt too realistic! The other Braguettes had kept him erect, but he had never felt near orgasm. As he reached the center mark, KC felt almost like he was going to . . .
He stopped walking. With a surprised expression on his face, KC grunted and his throbbing penis pumped the contents of his testicles into the Braguette. When he was finished spurting, KC relaxed with a sheepish smile on his face. The audience knew what happened: they gave him a rousing round of applause.
“No, stay right there,” Leesa instructed when he turned towards his podium. “Clean up in Aisle 1!”
While the young girl with the scarlet-streaked hair and yellow cleaning cart removed KC’s Braguette, Leesa said, “I was hoping this would happen! We designed the bungee cord to put precise pressure on a man’s testicles. As KC has unexpectedly demonstrated, the cord’s gentle pressure on his balls was preventing him from having an orgasm. When the cord slipped off the button, he could not resist the Braguette’s touch.”
The clean-up girl held KC’s penis and gently cleaned his relieved genitals with a warm washcloth. He flinched a few times when she rubbed a sensitive spot.
Finished, she explained, “You will have to return to your podium for a new Braguette.”
“Thanks KC!” Leesa said. “David, please start your walk as soon as KC returns to his podium.”
She started the music. KC was standing on the runway’s center mark with his limp genitals dangling out of the opening of his board shorts. He grinned widely and paused. Leesa turned her microphone on to give him instructions when, much to the crowds’ delight, he continued his runway walk – including poses – without a Braguette! His relaxed penis wiggled and wagged as he kept up with the fast pace of the music. Leesa’s amplified laugh boomed through the speakers before she remembered to shut the mike off.
Upon returning to his podium, KC was met by an apologetic Lynn.
“I am so sorry, KC! I made a mistake.”
He embraced and kissed her. It was a long, lingering kiss, and she was flushed when he released her.
“Thank you, Lynn,” he whispered sincerely. “I needed that!”
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Re: Testing the Runway Models (Fiction) - Part 7 A
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Thanks LadyLover for including my id in the story... and the part is great as usual... u r a great storyteller! Smiley
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