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It's a Naked World! Nude Beaches - Public Nudity

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   Is my Mother-In-Law a CFNM lover? caught 3 times!
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   Author  Topic: Is my Mother-In-Law a CFNM lover? caught 3 times!  (Read 7536 times)


Is my Mother-In-Law a CFNM lover? caught 3 times!
« on: Nov 8th, 2009, 10:06pm »
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In a previous story, I told of my future Mother In Law walking into the bathroom as I took a bath one day when i was ill... you may have read it... Anyway the basics of that story are, I was ill, having a bath, she came in and didn't leave, then when i mentioned it to my fiancee, they had a laugh about it together...
So now your up to speed. This same future Mother In Law (M.I.L. for this tale) has moved away and came up to visit here from Friday.
She arrived in the morning and my fiancee was at work, so she gave MIL the house keys, knowing I would still be asleep until midday. MIL arrived at the house around 11am and let herself in as I was still sleeping. I was woken to discover her popping her head in through the bedroom door. She gave me a quick friendly "hi" and then popped out again... I took me a minute to come round and I realised she had arrived as I could hear her moving around in the bedroom next to mines... I then realised that the duvet wasn't totally covering me and a good percentage of my naked bottom was out on show! My bottom was pointing mostly towards the door, and as I had one of my legs was lifted there was a good chance some testicle and even penis could've been on show!!! Now she may not have walked into the room, she may not have noticed... but I have a suspicion she at least saw my bare behind!
Not as bad as the first one and probably my fault... and as it's not total "N" you might wanna skip this bit... anyway... I was using our downstairs toilet, which is right next to the back door. MIL smokes and he cigarettes are kept on the small window sill of the toilet as its the only flat place near the back door... Anyway, midway through my flow, the door between the kitchen and the back door area opened, MIL wandered through. I quickly and loudly stated "Sorry" as I had left the toilet door open, hoping she would turn back... but she didn't she leaned into the room and grabbed her cigarettes from the sill right behind me. I find it almost impossible to believe she couldn't have had an eyeful of my penis if she'd wanted to... She exited the room and went outside to smoke...
Now you may think from the first 2 situations that she hadn't seen anything and it was an accident anyway... well the third time I am pretty sure was on purpose... Tonight, about 10pm, I was having a bath, mainly because I had a bad head... I was relaxing in the tub when I heard someone shuffling up to the door. I thought nothing of it, I assumed it would be my fiancee. The door slowly opened, but still i assumed it was safe! "I've just come for my hairbrush" came the voice... of MIL! I couldn't believe it as she walked into the bathroom... and if you read my original tale with her in you'll understand why it felt a little like dejavu! She didn't look my way... at first, she found the brush and the turn right at me. She then asked me what we're going to do tomorrow! We had a brief conversation and she left. All this time I hadn't dared look at my groin, just in case it directed her eyesight there... I quickly looked to see there were no bubbles there and she could've quite easily seen whatever she wanted to!
So from these 3 tales and the original, who thinks my future Mother in Law is into CFNM? She obviously thinks it's totally ok for her to walk in on me naked! I mean at the time I find it deathly embarressing and it makes me feel ill... but right now the thought of it is just awesome... any opinions?
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Re: Is my Mother-In-Law a CFNM lover? caught 3 tim
« Reply #1 on: Nov 9th, 2009, 5:20am »
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I think this will be a marriage made in heaven!
Is she coming on the honeymoon with you?
Be sure to visit a resort with a nude beach.
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It's a Naked World! Nude Beaches - Public Nudity
It's a Naked World! Nude Beaches - Public Nudity

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