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   STORY: The CFNM Chronicles
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STORY: The CFNM Chronicles
« on: Mar 2nd, 2008, 9:56am »
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The CFNM Chronicles – Part One (MfffFF,Exh,Humil)
BY: Hooked6 (Copyright 2008 by
I consider myself a reasonable young man with the usual amount of modesty and conservative sense of propriety. So you’ll understand when I tell you that, even though I married at a relatively young age (18), it came a quite a shock to learn that my new bride had a propensity for placing me in compromising and often humiliating situations by “accidentally” exposing me to her friends and sometimes perfect strangers.
She insists that I am over-reacting and that I am overly modest. “After all,” she says, “It was all perfectly innocent!” That seems to be her explanation for everything. Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. What you are about to read is my attempt at creating a chronicle of events that happened to me and some actual correspondence from others that helped me understand that I was not alone. I would be most interested in any comments from readers as I am sure worse things have happened to you!
It all started about two months after we had moved into our new apartment. It was a Saturday and I had slept in. I had just taken a shower and was standing naked at the mirror shaving when in walks my wife with her younger sister! “And this,” she said matter-of-factly, “is the bathroom.” It was as if she was totally oblivious to the fact that I was naked! She apparently was showing her sister our apartment for the first time. I was so caught off guard that I just stood there with razor in hand staring at them. Her younger sister just giggled a bit and I caught her looking me up and down, which sent a jolt up my spine! I didn’t know what to do I was so embarrassed.
I was trapped! They both stood there for a minute while my wife continued to point out the features of the bathroom that she really liked! Coming to my senses, I was about to grab a towel to cover myself my wife asked me to step aside so that she could show her sister how big the shower was!
“HONEY,” I whispered incredulously, “I’m NAKED!”
“Oh don’t be silly. Tina has seen naked guys before. It’s no big deal!” she said as if I was a schoolboy and then she gently ushered me backwards allowing the two of them better access to the shower area. I stood there not knowing what to do and worried that I might embarrass myself further by getting a hard-on. Thankfully I didn’t and they soon left. I’ll never forget the smile her sister gave me as she was leaving. To this day I am still uncomfortable whenever I am around her as she knows what I look like, “down there”.  
After her sister left my wife came back to the bathroom where I was still hiding. “You were so cute! You were blushing as red as a tomato!” she said giggling.
“What did you expect?” I said a bit put out. “What were you thinking, letting her see me naked like that!”  
“Oh honey, it was no big deal. Girls don’t get all hung up over seeing a naked guy like you guys do seeing a naked women.” She said as she folded my towel.
“You’re right about one thing,” I remarked sarcastically, “It’s certainly no ‘BIG’ deal. It’s embarrassing knowing that your sister now knows I’m not . . . you know . . .”
“HUNG?” my wife interjected.
“Yeah,” I said meekly while looking at the floor. She gave me a hug and playfully kissed my cheek. “You guys . . . you have so many hang ups” she muttered as she left the room.
I kept replaying that scene over and over in my head the rest of the day. My thoughts ranged from total humiliation to wildly erotic. I wasn’t sure if I loved it or hated it.  
The next incident happened when we were on vacation a few months later. We were staying in a hotel a couple of days. Once again I had finished  my shower was standing at the mirror shaving, only this time I had a towel wrapped around my waist. I was in a bit of a hurry as my wife took forever getting herself ready and now, naturally, was anxious to get going to see the sites.  
Then there was the fateful knock at the door, “Housekeeping,” came the female voice outside the door. My wife opened the door and invited her in. “I could come back if it’s not convenient,” said the young housekeeper professionally upon seeing me standing there in the bathroom alcove next to the door.
“No, it’s OK. We’ve got to be going soon anyway,” my helpful wife said to the maid. Much to my chagrin, the maid entered the room and began making up the bed. I stalled my shaving activities hoping she would soon finish as I had no idea how I was going to get dressed with her in the room.
Fortunately she didn’t linger and was soon through and left the room, but the door remained open to the hallway as she worked on her cart, trapping me in the vanity area. She then returned handing my wife a stack of neatly folded towels which my wife took and placed on the counter. What happened next is beyond belief. My very own wife snatched the towel from around my waist, leaving me naked and exposed to this pretty, young housekeeper and then proceeded to pick up the remaining dirty towels off the floor and rack to hand to her! The maid’s eyes got big and were clearly focused on my privates though she didn’t say a word. The smirk on her face did all the talking. Once again I was embarrassed and felt my face flushing!
“HONEY,” I said excitedly after the maid left, “How could you do that?!”
She just smiled that knowing smile, shook her head as if she couldn’t believe I was upset about something so innocent and replied seriously, “Hurry up! We’re burning daylight! We’re wasting the best part of the day”  
A few weeks later I was surfing the Net and found a discussion forum dealing with husbands and wives and issues with married life. I decided to post my story of my recent exposures and asked if that ever happened to others and requested advice on how to handle the situation.
The response I got back was amazing. The first was from a lady in California. She said:  
   >>>>> “I think you are over reacting. Men aren’t sex objects, women are. You clearly are taking this out of proportion. Get over it. It seemed so innocent.”
Another lady wrote:
   >>>> “We women are used to nurturing young boys as they grow up. The difference between the sexes isn’t as important to women. It is nature’s way of helping us deal with being a mother.”
Since those were the first responses I received, I began to think that maybe I was wrong about my modesty and should join the twenty-first century. Then I got emails from other men.
>>>> “My wife took photos of me bathing our infant son. We were both in the bath tub naked. I assumed these photos would be private but I later discovered that they were in a photo album that practically everyone has seen! My wife says she’s proud of the photos and sees nothing wrong with them. But I disagree. I removed every one I could find. To my dismay they keep turning up in odd places. It’s as if she ENJOYS showing me off to her girlfriends and neighbors! I hate it!!!” <<<<
Another wrote:
>>>> “That was nothing. I was sitting in the living room after dinner one day and my own mother began laughing at some picture she was looking at in our photo album. Our other guests went over and they too started laughing . . . then they all stared at me with stupid grins on their faces. When I got up to check it out I discovered that they were looking at a picture of me naked at the beach! I wanted to run and hide!!” <<<<
And Lastly:
>>>> “My wife and I were swimming at a public beach when she yanked my swim trunks down in front of her friends. Yes, she actually pantsed me. The bad part was all her friends were standing in front facing me while my wife snuck up behind and pulled them down. Everyone got a good look at my privates to say the least. She seemed to think it was funny but I was VERY humiliated.” <<<<
After reading those, I decided that I wasn’t alone but I still wasn’t sure what to make of all this. I elected not to say anything and just hope for the best.
A month later my wife was planning a small get together at our apartment. She needed to get some last minute shopping done and told me to get cleaned up before she got back. I went to get a shower and when I was through discovered there were no towels in the bathroom. I remembered that my wife had done the laundry that morning and that the laundry basket was in the kitchen. So, dripping wet I walked out to get a towel and ran smack dab into Laurie, a girl that works with my wife!
“What are you doing here?” I asked excitedly.
“Your wife let me in as she was leaving. I’m going to help her get ready for tonight.” She said. Then she got a huge smile on her face and proceeded to look down . . . right at my penis and said mockingly, “I guess I got here just in time for the party!” I felt my face flush and was about to run back into the bathroom when it happened. I pulled a boner. It pointed right at the ceiling – being somewhat small that’s all it does – stick straight up.
Realizing what was happening, I quickly covered myself with my hands but not before she got a good look at my erection. I couldn’t help but notice the grin on Laurie’s face now extended from ear to ear. Then the most humiliating words sprung forth from her mouth, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get you all . . . excited!” I think it was the cute little giggle after she said that which made me feel about 12 years old again. I think she could tell I was really embarrassed, which made me feel worse as I now understood that she realized she had power over me. She then started getting all maternal sounding, “Here, you’d best get dried off. You’re getting the carpet all wet.” I wasn’t sure if she was mocking me or actually trying to help. She seemed sincere at the time but now, as I think back on it, she may have been sarcastic. In any event, I ran to the laundry basket and grabbed a towel and quickly wrapped it around me and headed toward the bathroom.
Later that night during the party I felt so awkward every time I spotted Laurie. It was pure hell when we made eye contact. It was as if we shared a secret – a very personal secret. Several times my wife asked me if I was OK and I reassured her that I was fine and just a bit tired. I kept wondering if my wife knew that Laurie would end up seeing me naked – that maybe she had planned this whole thing out on purpose. If she did I was in bigger trouble than I had thought. I eventually dismissed such ideas as the result of an over-active imagination.
It was back to the discussion board later that night and I posted an account of what had happened and I ranted and raved that it was all part of a conspiracy my wife had to humiliate me. I felt better just writing it all out – stuff I would never have the nerve to actually say to my wife. I later received this response:
>>>>> “You should consider yourself lucky that your wife only surprises you from time to time. MY WIFE keeps me naked ALL the time whenever I’m at home. She has friends – hers AND mine - over quite often. Can you imagine how humiliating that is? I never know who is going to show up and see me naked. I literally cringe whenever the doorbell rings. She says it’s a sign that I love her and am willing to do whatever it takes to keep her happy. I think she just wants everyone to know who wears the pants in our family. It certainly isn’t me! Good luck with your situation.”
What a bizarre thought - being kept naked all the time. I shuddered all over just thinking about it. Surely he was some crackpot just getting his thrills, I thought. What he said couldn’t really be true.
The next morning my wife and I were sitting at the table eating breakfast. She waited for a lull in the morning conversation and then said, “Laurie told me she accidentally saw you naked last night. Funny you didn’t mention anything to me about it.”
I was in deep doo-doo now. I had to watch what I said or she would think I was trying to cheat on her or something. “Oh, THAT,” I replied with a disinterested tone. “It was nothing. No big deal. I just came out to get a towel and didn’t know she was here that’s all.”
She smiled and remarked, “I’m glad to see you’re coming around. A few months ago if something like that happened to you, you would have fainted dead away with embarrassment.” She then added as a cautionary afterthought, “I’m glad it wasn’t anything I need to WORRY about. I wouldn’t want to think that you were THAT kind of man.”
I knew what she meant – the cheating kind. I loved her dearly and would do anything for her. At least I think I’d do anything . . . for her, I mean. For some reason I had this nagging idea in the back of my mind that once again I had been set up and I walked into it willingly.
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Re: STORY: The CFNM Chronicles Part2
« Reply #1 on: Mar 2nd, 2008, 10:08am »
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The CFNM Chronicles – Part Two (MfffFF,Exh,Humil,)
BY: Hooked6 (Copyright 2008 by
As summer progressed my wife wanted us to spend a weekend at the beach. It took some doing but I finally managed to save up enough money to make the trip and found a nice hotel across the street from the beach that we could afford. Hotels ON the beach itself were way too expensive.
My wife couldn’t wait to get into the water. She couldn’t change fast enough either. All kidding aside my wife is a knockout in her bikini and I dearly love seeing her in it.  
“Where’s my suit?” I asked after rummaging through our small suitcase.
“Men! You can’t find anything without directions.” She said sarcastically and proceeded to sort through our stuff herself. She finally held up a tan piece of cloth and pronounced “Here it is!”
“What the hell is that?’ I asked half jokingly.  
“It’s your swimsuit. I bought you a new one while I was out the other day.” She said proudly. I figured she was kidding me as usual and that she was just teasing by holding up a pair of her panties trying to convince me that they were my suit. After all I usually wear a jockey shorts type of trunks. Like me, I thought she just couldn’t find my usual trunks either.
“Very funny!” I replied. “Now where’s my real suit?”
She got that painful look of disappointment – you know the kind that says “you aren’t getting any until I feel better” Look. I relented. “Well . . . I guess I can wear that at least once.”
“GREAT!” she replied enthusiastically. “If you don’t like it we’ll get rid of it, OK?” She asked. Of course it was at least a size too small and it fit like it was molded to my body. I grabbed a towel and put on some sandals and we were off.
I felt ridiculous venturing across the street wearing my little tan suit and was even more uncomfortable walking down the beach. I felt naked even though I wasn’t. I just knew every one was staring at me.
She finally found a spot and we spread out our towels and headed for the water. It was delightful. I was having the best time, until it was time to get out. That’s when I noticed that my tan suit was virtually transparent. Even I could see my own pubic hair clearly through the wet material. When dry, the tan color of the suit almost matched my normal skin tone. But, WET and transparent as it was, it looked like I wasn’t wearing anything at all! We no sooner were out of the water when I heard my wife call out, “LAURIE? What are you doing here?”
Sure enough her friend from work that I embarrassed myself in front of at my wife’s party was heading right towards us - and me about 100 yards away from my towel. My wife grabbed my hand, as I obviously wasn’t moving fast enough, and literally dragged me along to greet her friend.
“Well, HELLO there!”  Laurie said as she looked me over. “It’s nice to SEE you again.” My wife looked down to supposedly discover my now transparent suit – as if she didn’t already know how it would react when it got wet, and said, “Oh MY! I guess we’ll have to get rid of that thing.” They both chuckled at my expense and stood there chatting for several minutes. During this time my little brain (the one in the swimsuit) noticed that Laurie wasn’t wearing much of anything either. Her bikini certainly was smaller than my wife’s. The little guy liked what it saw – a lot – and before I knew it I was sporting an erection once again. I tried not to draw attention to it by covering myself and silently hoped no one would notice. I was getting away with it until another girl who happened to be walking by remarked, “Gee! NICE SUIT!”
Both my wife and her friend looked down and saw my aroused state and laughed heartily. Once again Laurie said in that playful tone of hers, “I’m sorry . . . I didn’t mean to get you all, you know . . . excited.” Fear overtook me. I was worried about how my wife was going to take her friend’s remarks. I was sure she was going to be pissed if she thought her best friend was turning me on!
I quickly spoke up trying to say something to diffuse the situation but all that came out were idiotic phrases, “I wasn’t . . . I mean you didn’t . . . I was just, you know . . . oh never mind!”
My wife gave me “the silent look” and continued her visit with her friend while I stood there, quietly embarrassing myself. Finally after what seemed like forever Laurie left us and we headed towards the spot we left our towels.  
My wife hardly said two words the rest of the night and I didn’t push the issue by trying to make conversation either. I took a shower to wash the salt water off my body and plopped on the bed. My wife said she was going out to get something to eat. I got the impression she wanted to be alone so I told her I wasn’t hungry. Instead, I poured myself several drinks – perhaps a few too many trying to forget the events of the afternoon and soon fell asleep.  
Sometime later I was awakened by the sound of voices - several voices having a conversation. When I finally got my eyes opened I saw my wife and her friend Laurie and two women I didn’t know sitting around the table in our room. I closed my eyes again and thought to myself that she at least seemed to be in a good mood again. It was then I remembered that I was lying on top of the bed linen totally naked! I quickly opened my eyes and looked down hoping that I had been mistaken about my nudity.
I wasn’t.
“Well, look who’s finally awake?” Laurie said cheerfully.
I immediately tried to pull the covers down so I could crawl under them, which not an easy thing to do when you are lying on top of them.
“Don’t bother, Honey.” My wife said sweetly. “We’ve all seen everything for the last half hour!”  The new girls giggled as I continued my struggle to get under the covers.  
“I’m sorry. I didn’t know you all were here!” I said apologizing for my nudity. “Forgive me. Don’t mind me. You all just go on about your business. I’m just going to go back to sleep.” I scrambled under the covers, closed my eyes again and feigned drowsiness.  
I heard one of the new girls say, “How cute! He’s so shy!”
My wife spoke up, “Yeah, he IS rather modest.”
“How rare that is in today’s world. You need to do something about that. I’m sure it’s not healthy,” said the new girl. “Does he have any hang-ups about sex?” The rest all laughed at her remarks and they continued talking about men in general and how most worry about their size and how often they get to “do it”.
I couldn’t believe they were talking about stuff like that with me in the room!  
Laurie spoke up and said, “I don’t think he’s all that modest. I mean he popped a boner twice in front of me and didn’t even try to conceal it the last time. I mean he’s not really THAT big so as to flaunt it, so I’m guessing he’s OK with what he’s got.”
My wife added “Well, I think it’s cute! And regarding his self-image, he’s working on it. He’s working on it.”
How humiliating! Now they were discussing my size! If I wasn’t naked I would have left the room!
Upon returning home I posted the latest episode at the Discussion Forum and got the following reply:
>>>>> “You should try reverse psychology on your wife. If she really is doing this just to humiliate you, you should try going along with it. Do whatever she says. She’ll soon tire of this and you’ll be a free man.” <<<<
That was the first sensible piece of advice I had gotten so far. It made perfect sense. Of course I wasn’t sure what I was going along with, but I understood what he was trying to tell me. I was on guard waiting for the next disaster to strike. Nothing happened.
The rest of July, August, and September, came and went. Nothing! I began to think that perhaps I might have been mistaken. That my wife didn’t have a secret agenda and that everything so far was just bad luck. Or, maybe she got a bit jealous when I reacted the way I did in front of her friend Laurie . . . who knows. I began to think maybe I was the one going crazy and I put the whole summer out of my mind.
Several weeks later my wife announced that we had been invited to a Halloween costume party at Laurie’s place. That wasn’t unusual as we went to her small party last year and had a great time so I was actually looking forward to it. My wife said she was going as Bat-Girl again. She had purchased the realistic costume last year and got many compliments on it.  
“What am I going as this year?” I asked.
“I thought you might make a great Roman Emperor. I’m working on your costume now. Want to see the crown?” she asked. She pulled out a box from the closet and sure enough she had a realistic gold colored, metal crown which she was in the midst of gluing large fake jewels all over it. I was impressed. Finally I would get to be King of the Hill!
The day of the party came and my wife greeted me at the door dressed in her Bat-Girl outfit. Man did she look hot! It hugged all her curves in just the right places. “Go take a shower and get ready,” she instructed.
When I finished toweling myself dry, I saw her polishing off a smudged place on my crown. “WOW!” That crown looks FABULOUS! Those jewels look so real” I said enthusiastically.
She placed it on my head adjusting it so it rested at the right angle. I went over and looked at myself in the mirror. “This looks impressive, honey. Thank you!” I said sincerely. “I can’t wait to see the rest of my costume.”
“REST of your costume?” she asked a bit confused. “Why that’s all there is. Surely you’ve heard of the ‘Emperor and his New Clothes’, haven’t you? Well, that’s what you are going as . . . The Emperor and his Invisible Outfit. You’ll be the hit of the party!” She then began giggling almost uncontrollably. I figured she was just putting me on after all that had happened during the summer. I recalled the last advice I had received from the discussion group and decided to call her bluff.
“Oh, I get it! That’s pretty cool. I’m in. Let’s go!” I said confidently and picked up my car keys. Surely there was no way in hell she’d let me go to a party dressed the way I was. Any minute now she’d admit she’s was just kidding and all of this non-sense would stop.
She didn’t though. She ran up to me and gave me a big hug and said “THANK YOU! I was hoping you’d see things my way! Thank you so much!
You’re the greatest!”
My mouth dropped open and I began to feel faint. Was this just a power play between us or was she serious? “OK, admit you were just having me on,” I said. “Enough’s enough.”
“I wasn’t messing with you. This is really your costume!” she said so sincerely that my heart was convinced this wasn’t a joke. The disappointed look on her face reinforced my conclusion – she actually wanted me to go to this party practically NAKED!
“Honey, you can’t be serious. This is insane!” I protested.
She began to pout. “All month I’ve looked forward to this party and now you’re going to ruin everything!”
“What will all the guests think? That I’m some kind of whacko, that’s what.” I argued.
“It will just be Laurie and several of our friends. Laurie’s already seen you naked so what’s the big deal! Please don’t be a stick in the mud. Do this for me . . . PLEASE! Don’t wimp out on me, now.” she begged.
All sorts of thoughts ran through my head but I kept coming back to that reverse psychology advice – make her think you’re having fun and she’ll tire of all this.”
“OK honey, I’ll do it for you, because I love you.” I replied meekly. I could hardly believe I found the guts to actually say that. Hell, I could hardly believe what I was about to do!!!
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Re: STORY: The CFNM Chronicles - Part3
« Reply #2 on: Mar 2nd, 2008, 10:14am »
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The CFNM Chronicles – Part Three (MfffFF,Exh,Humil,)
BY: Hooked6 (Copyright 2008 by
It was evening so I at least had the cover of darkness making my mad dash to our car. Seeing me run like a scared rabbit amused my wife to no end. I had never been outside without clothing on purpose before and I was scared to death! For most of the short drive I kept myself slumped down in my seat. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. “Be brave!” I told myself. “Remember – reverse psychology!” I consoled myself that she wasn’t really going to make me go to the party naked! Surely she had some other clothes in the trunk for me. At least I hoped she did.
In no tome at all we pulled into the driveway of Laurie’s house and she turned off the engine. I was about to tell my wife I couldn’t go through with it when she spoke up and said, “Oh, I almost forgot the most important part of your costume.”
I KNEW it! There HAD to be more!
I watched as she reached over into the back seat and then handed me a sign. It read: “THE EMPEROR AND HIS NEW CLOTHES.” The sign had a small gold chain fastened on each end. My wife smiled and said, “You need to hang this around your neck so people will know what you are.”  
What a let down!  
Before I could say anything my wife got out of the car, leaving me illuminated by the overhead light. I panicked and dashed to join my wife on the porch. No sooner than I had gotten there the front door opened and there stood Laurie dressed in a cowgirl outfit. She looked me over and then gave me a big open-mouthed smile and said, “WOW! Nice costume!” She beckoned us inside. Much to my relief no one else was there and the place didn’t seemed decorated for a party.
I stood in the center of the room for a few minutes while the girls chatted. Then Laurie excused herself and disappeared into the kitchen. My wife gave me a playful hug and then said, “I’m so proud of you for doing this for me. You must love me very much and for that I thank you.”
“HUH?” I muttered a bit confused.
“You didn’t REALLY think I was taking you to a party dressed like THAT did you?” she asked.
“Well . . . I . . . ah,” I stammered not sure what I was supposed to say. I began to realize that this was all a hoax.  
My wife smiled and said “I told Laurie I just wanted to give you a test and she agreed to help. I mean you DID seem to enjoy yourself around her last time at the beach. If you were too eager to run to her house naked THIS time I would have known you were up to something.” She explained. “Besides, I wanted to know for myself just how much you cared . . . and now I know. Thank you!” She then gave me another kiss on the cheek. I was so relieved!
Just then Laurie came into the room carrying a tray of finger foods. “Help yourself. I’m sure you must be hungry,” she said thoughtfully. As I accepted her hospitality and picked up a chicken wing and started to gnaw on it, there was a knock on the door. “I’ll get it,” Laurie said.
Before I knew it, Laurie was showing another costumed couple into the house! I froze in terror! I quickly looked at my wife and she just shrugged her shoulders as if this was a total surprise.
Laurie brought the couple right over to the coffee table where we were standing. Laurie looked at my wife and said, “I have to apologize but your made-up cover story of a costume party was such a great idea, I just HAD to go through with it – especially after you told me about your husband’s costume!”  
My heart sank then began to pound when I realized that there was indeed going to be a party!
Turning toward the newly arrived guests Laurie said, “John and Carrie, this is Brad and his wife Marcie.” Taking me by the hand she pulled me from behind the coffee table removing my last bit of cover. Though it hardly amounted to any cover at all it at least gave me some sense of security – a barrier between me and them, and now that was gone! She then continued, “Brad here is that Roman Emperor with the new set of invisible clothes!”
The young and oh so pretty Carrie remarked, “What a cleaver idea, isn’t it babe?” John cleared his throat and said softly, “yes, cleaver.”
I discovered I was so uncomfortable being naked around another male. I don’t actually know why. I mean if this was a locker room I wouldn’t have given it another thought. Maybe it was because I was naked in front of his WIFE with him standing there! Yeah, that was it. How bizarre. He must really hate me! That thought made me really nervous! We all stood there in awkward silence – his wife’s eyes just sparkling as if she couldn’t believe her luck and her husband just stone-faced with my nudity forced upon them.
It was when there was another knock on the door that I was jolted back to reality. I realized that I was about to be seen that night by who knows how many people! My heart really began to flutter and my face flushed badly as another couple was allowed inside. Before Laurie could even close the door two more girls arrived followed by yet another couple – all in costumes.
My wife left my side and hurried to assist her friend acting as some sort of co-host welcoming everyone. I was left to fend for myself, naked with nowhere to hide as the guests just kept on coming.  
Of course everyone gravitated to where I was! They just HAD to see the Emperor’s new clothes!  
Initially the conversation was polite. The feelings I experienced were so varied they are hard to describe. First I was embarrassed as I realized that every single person, without fail would actually look directly at my privates. Not everyone immediately did so, however, which is what sent tingles up my spine. It was the anticipation. It was just a matter of time before the eyes of the person or persons before me would drop and check me out. It didn’t matter if it was a male or female. Sooner or later curiosity got the best of them and they would look. At first I was too humiliated to look anyone directly in the eye. But soon it got to be a game with me. As I met a new person or a couple I would purposely make eye contact and wait. Then it happened. I got an incredible rush when I saw their eyes gazing lower eventually stopping at my pelvis. This rush was followed by immediate embarrassment – yes embarrassment as I realized that now I had NO secrets from him or her. They had seen it. The mystery was over.
The next set of emotions quickly followed as I saw the look on their faces after they had taken it all in. If they smiled, I felt that they were pleased with what they saw, which made me feel good. If they smirked, which most seemed to do, I felt hurt as if they were making fun of me somehow - as if they were “unimpressed”. The worst was when they wouldn’t change expression at all. I couldn’t tell if they were just being polite or were totally indifferent. I wasn’t sure what to make of that situation. Except for this one girl who will remain etched on my brain for a long time. She was actually more embarrassed than I was!! Her face turned bright crimson after looking at me and then she immediately dropped her head to the floor and began fidgeting with her hands and never looked at me again. That was weird.
Eventually the party got into full swing as I awkwardly held my ground. A stupid as this may sound, I wasn’t brave enough to venture far from the security of the coffee table and I let people come to me. The time or two I did venture out, I overhead the most distressing conversations. I’m sure they weren’t aware I was listening but I heard them none-the-less.
Two women were sitting on the sofa about 10 feet away. One said, “Can you believe that naked guy?”  
“Yeah how gross!” the second answered. “You’d at least think he’d get a tan if he was going to go around naked like that. Did you see how PALE he was?”  
That certainly didn’t do anything for my ego and I retreated to the safety of the coffee table. Later, after getting myself off the pity-pot, I tried wandering out again. I came up behind two girls and I heard one if them say, “Man is that Emperor guy BRAVE! I mean isn’t that like totally cool – coming to a party like practically nude!”
“Yeah, he’s BRAVE, alright, if THAT’S all he has to show off.” The second one replied. The first quickly added, “I wonder if it gets much bigger when he’s excited?” They both laughed at their own wit.
I decided to make a hasty retreat before I was discovered. I was in the process of turning around when I heard a familiar voice behind me say, “Brad? BRAD NICHOLS, is that you?!” When I finished turning around I came face to face with my boss, Ms. Parker. “Why it IS you!” she said excitedly.
My feet wanted to run. I was going into panic mode! Then I looked into her eyes and saw the familiar scenario play out – they slowly started dropping. “OH NO!” I thought. “She’s going to check me out. My own boss was going to check me out!!!!” I blinked hard and reopened my eyes just in time to see her expression change. In a nanosecond, fear of what she would do overtook me. Would she smile and be impressed or maybe she would be indifferent. Would she . . .
Damn it all – she SMIRKED!!! I was so humiliated. No make that mortified! How could I ever go to work again!
“Brad! How nice, (giggle, giggle) to SEE you. I didn’t know you’d be here,” she said. She put her hand up to her mouth, I’m guessing to hide how bad she felt for me or maybe to try and not insult me too much by hiding that smirk of a grin on her face.
“Ms. Parker! I . . . ah, I’m guessing your wondering about my costume. You see it’s all because . . .” I started to explain but she interrupted.
“No. You don’t need to explain (more giggling) you just go right ahead and ENJOY yourself.” The look on her face had changed and I began to get worried. I looked down and to my horror I was sporting an erection! How in the HELL could that have happened? In front of my boss no less!! My face turned red and I quickly fled, but not before some guy shouted, “HEY! THE EMPEROR POPPED A BONER!”  
All eyes were quickly upon me and the place got very quiet! My legs were like Jello and I could hardly make them move – like in my worst nightmare. I tried my best to leave but people began hemming me in and I was trapped. All sorts of comments were made, some of which were cute and others very cruel. I finally had to squirm my way through the crowd, my penis brushing against parts of other people’s bodies – which only reinforced my arousal.
I eventually got out of the front room and made my way to the bathroom and locked the door. There I sat for quite a long time.
Finally my wife knocked on the door and said, “Honey, you can come out now. Everyone’s gone.”
“Thank goodness! I’m glad that’s over with!” I replied and unlocked the door. My wife gave me a hug followed by a reassuring kiss on the cheek. She took my hand and led me out of the bathroom. When we rounded the corner I got the shock of my life. There were all the guests facing me standing in a semi-circle just clapping! No one had left! They were all politely smiling and clapping their hands.
“They’re applauding your courage, honey,” my wife said.
“My courage?” I asked a bit confused.
“Yes your COURAGE!” Laurie said as the clapping died down. “We all want to thank you for making this a fun party. Well, that and to get one last look at you before they all went home!” Everyone laughed then came over to shake my hand as they each left one by one. Many of them still dropped their eyes to get one last look before leaving.  
On the drive home I still wasn’t sure if my wife had known about the party or was as surprised as I was. It was all very confusing. Of course as I was to find out later, this was far from over.
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Re: STORY: The CFNM Chronicles - Part4
« Reply #3 on: Mar 2nd, 2008, 10:21am »
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The CFNM Chronicles – Part Four (MfffFF,Exh,Humil,)
BY: Hooked6  (Copyright 2008 by
After we arrived back home my wife asked me if I had fun. There was caution in her voice so I’m certain she wasn’t sure what I was going to say. “It was OK,” I responded. When she pressed me I had to admit that I was very confused. “I don’t know WHAT to think,” I finally confessed. “I was really embarrassed and humiliated.”  
“You must have had SOME fun,” my wife quickly interjected. “I mean you got a woody and all . . . Oh sorry,” she added upon further reflection. “I didn’t mean to bring up a sore subject.”
“That’s OK. Being a girl you have no idea what I felt tonight. It hurt when people ridiculed my lack of a tan and smirked at my, my little soldier . . .  You mean you didn’t have a CLUE that there was REALLY going to be a party?” I finally asked.
True to form my wife evaded the question and said, “Now honey, you’re not going to break down the trust we have between us are you?” I guess I didn’t want to risk being confrontational, at least not until I got it all sorted out in my mind and got the facts straight.
We ended up making the most passionate love we had done in quite a while that night and I’ll confess to you privately that thoughts of earlier that evening played an important part. I was so mixed up.
The next day I returned to the Discussion Board and posted my account of the Halloween party and related how confused I was as to whether my wife was really deliberately setting me up to be exposed or whether I just had the worst luck of anyone I knew.  
A man wrote back:
>>>> “Let me put it this way by relating a story of my own. I was injured in a motorcycle accident a while back and had surgery to both my shoulders necessitating a cast immobilizing them in fixed positions. While recuperating in the hospital, my wife volunteered to do much of the routine chores normally done by the nursing staff – that is feeding me, helping adjust my position in bed and bathing me. She said she preferred to be useful and though I was in a semi-private room it saved the staff a lot of wear and tear for which they were very appreciative. One particular day my wife had just removed my bed covers and gown in preparation for my bath when her cell phone rang. Realizing that she wasn’t supposed to use her mobile phone inside the hospital, she quickly told the person she would call them right back and politely excused herself to go outside. As she did so she left the curtain separating me from my roommate partially open at the foot of my bed by about 3 feet. This didn’t concern me much as my roommate and I were side by side – him nearest the door and me in the back part of the room. Neither of us could see each other so I patiently waited for my wife to return.  
>>>> “After a few minutes the man next door got a couple of visitors. From the sound of their voices behind the curtain, I recognized one as the man’s wife and the other was his daughter. I grew a bit nervous being as exposed as I was but there was nothing I could do. I couldn’t move my arms to cover myself if I had wanted to because of the casts. I was grateful that the curtain was two thirds closed shielding me from their view. Then I heard another visitor entering the room and people began shuffling around to make room. Suddenly I could see his daughter standing against the wall near the partially opened curtain. Though she was still facing her father, she only had to look my way and she would see everything! From previous conversations I knew she had just entered college and was anxious for her dad to get well so she could return home and resume her studies.
>>>> “After a few moments during a lull in the conversation, she turned her head and spotted me lying there naked as a jaybird. My penis twitched at seeing her looking at me! Her mouth opened wide and then she smiled playfully and said ‘Hi Mr. Johnson. How are you feeling today?’ I was scared to death that the others might come around to say hello as well. We exchanged the usual pleasantries. Fortunately the others continued their visit having no idea what was laying in the next bed. She intermittently kept alternating her gaze between my side of the room and her dad’s talking to us both in turn. I guess I must have been feeling pretty good that day because for the first time since my accident my penis began to get aroused. I tried not to but it was no use. Each time the pretty girl looked at me it was a little bigger until eventually it was finally fully erect. I was helpless and the look on her face was priceless as it was clear to me she knew there was nothing I could do about it. Eventually I couldn’t take it any more and during one of her conversations with me, I exploded all over myself as she watched. I was deathly afraid she was going to say something to get me in trouble but instead she just gave me a playful scowl, shook her head and resumed talking to her dad as if nothing had happened.
>>>> “If you think what happened to you was awful, try explaining to your wife how a puddle of fresh semen was covering your belly upon her return while several women were visiting next door!! Anyway my point is that I COULD have blamed my wife for setting me up and deliberately leaving me in a position to be exposed to others. In reality however, the facts are that circumstances just worked against me that day. It is my opinion that your problems are NOT the result of a scheming wife but rather just the result of an unfortunate series of events. My advice is not to blame her at all.” <<<<<<
WOW! He really made sense. I began to rethink my feelings and decided just to try once again to put it all behind me. That man’s last post and eventually my own common sense convinced me that I was just over-reacting and that the little voice that kept telling me that my wife was out to humiliate me was way off base.  
At work the next day my first encounter with my boss was awful. She didn’t directly acknowledge my nudity at the party to my coworkers as I was afraid she was going to do. Instead she just kept giving me that knowing smile – as if she could see right through me. I felt six inches tall. I did my best to avoid her the entire day.
A couple of weeks passed and my wife wanted to get to the beach one last time before the holidays. We left way before dawn and drove to the closest beach 6 hours away. We couldn’t afford to stay at a hotel this time so it would be a quick trip down and back the same day. This time I made sure I was WEARING my regular swim trunks and a T-shirt for the drive. I didn’t want a repeat of the last outing!
The weather was still quite warm in Florida and we had a blast! We ate a picnic lunch and it was good for us to spend time with each other. The beach wasn’t crowded and offered a great distraction to the tension that my wife and I had experienced between us since the party. I was glad she suggested the trip.
When the time to leave was drawing nigh, I decided to head for one of the restroom/shower pavilions that were scattered occasionally along the beach and wash the sticky salt water off before heading home. After entering the locker room and placing my towel and suit on the bench along the inside wall, I went into one of the three open shower stalls. I had rinsed off and was about to lather up when I just happened to look up and see my wife and another woman with a little boy walking into the shower area!! “UNBELIEVABLE”, I thought. It was déjà vu!  Once again I was caught naked! They were chatting away about how wonderful the beach was when my wife looked up and spotted me. “Oh, Hi honey! This is Marlene! She lives about a mile from us. What an amazing coincidence running into her all the way down here!”
“HONEY!!!?” I replied exasperatedly. “THIS IS THE MEN”S LOCKERROOM!”
“Well, Duh!” She said sarcastically as if I was challenging her intelligence. “There’s nobody here but you and Amy’s son needs a shower. You don’t expect her to send her son in here alone do you? The world’s full of perverts these days you know.”  
My face flushed as I saw Amy checking me out while her 4 year-old son was yanking on her arm. The little boy clearly didn’t want a shower but rather wanted to go back out on the beach and play.
“Clayton, STOP IT!” Amy chastised. “Look at that nice man.” She said pointing right at me with a grin. “See. He’s getting a shower. All boys need a shower after swimming, isn’t that right, Mister . . . ah,”
“Brad,” I interjected helpfully.
“Isn’t that right, Mr. Brad?” she asked again for the benefit of her son. The little boy just stared at me hoping I was going to take his side and disagree with his mother. My wife gave me a prodding look and I understood I needed to assist this unfamiliar mother.  
“Yes Clayton,” I said helpfully as I began lathering up with soap hoping to get this over with. “You’ll feel better after you are all clean.”
The mother was smiling appreciatively. I wasn’t sure if it was because I was being supportive or if it was because she was watching an 18 year old naked male taking a shower only two feet away!  
My wife mouthed a silent “thank you’ and picked up my suit and was holding my towel stretched between her arms to hand it to me to dry off when I was ready for it. There was something really awkward about soaping up your private parts while a strange woman watches. I was expecting that she would go about her business but she just stood there watching me in awkward silence. Eventually she turned on the water in the stall next to me in preparation for giving her son a shower.
Just then I heard two children fighting outside. They were screaming at each other so loud I heard them over the noise of the running water.  
“JASON! TIMOTHY! STOP THAT FIGHTING!” Amy yelled and ran outside with her 4 year-old son followed quickly by my wife!
“Great!” I thought as I watched my towel and swim trunks disappear out the door with my wife. I was trapped naked and wet in the locker room.
“YOU TWO COME BACK HERE!!!” I heard Amy’s voice trail off outside as she ran after them. I waited for my wife to return but she didn’t. Finally, after finishing my shower and still dripping wet, I started to walk towards the entrance door in hopes of carefully peaking outside. I was going to call out to her if she was anywhere around.  
Before I could get to the door, however, another woman walked into the locker room and stopped dead in her tracks when she spotted me! “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN THE LADIES ROOM?” She demanded and without waiting for an answer continued. “YOU PERVERT!! I’m CALLING THE POLICE!”
“Calm down!” I said politely. “THIS is the MEN’S locker room! I’m no pervert. You made a mistake coming in here!”
“No it isn’t,” the lady said indignantly. “I distinctly saw two WOMEN leave this very room a minute ago.”
“That was my wife!” I said trying to explain. “And this IS the MEN’S Locker room. See the urinals?” I pointed towards the wall trying to make my point while growing more uneasy with each passing minute.
The lady blushed after realizing I was right. “Oh . . . well. I guess I did make a mistake.” She said rather bashfully and then began looking me over which made me feel very uncomfortable and vulnerable. “I’m terribly sorry!” she said with a smile. “I hope you aren’t mad.”
While she stood there trying to gracefully explain her mistake I began to get aroused in a hurry. I couldn’t help myself. Upon realizing what was happening her eyes got big and a smile came over her face. She stopped her babbling in mid sentence and then, when I was fully erect, said in a sweet little voice, “I guess this must be very discomforting for you. I can see I need to leave before you EMBARRASS yourself further.” Her emphasis on the word ‘embarrass’ was humiliating as I took it as an obvious reference to my size. She was giggling at her own wit when my wife walked in!! There I was standing naked with a hard on in front of a strange woman a foot away from me! I just knew I was in for it BIG TIME! I immediately recalled that poor Internet guy in the hospital having to explain semen on his belly while women were visiting a few feet away and I empathized with him dearly.  
I could plainly see my wife was shocked at what she saw. I expected her to yell at me or stomp out of there in a huff. Instead, she just gave me a playful smile, handed me my towel and said to me with a giggle, “I can’t leave you alone for even a minute without you getting into some kind of trouble.” She then turned to the other woman and continued, “Hi, I’m Marcie. Brad here is my husband. Don’t mind him. He’s harmless.”
“Gee, thanks!” I said a bit insulted. They talked a few minutes as the lady explained what had happened. My wife laughed and made the comment: “You know, stuff like that happens to him all the time!”
The question in my mind was WHY did stuff like that happen all the time? I needed to post more on that discussion board. I needed help and fast as this was getting out of hand! I had to do something!!!
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Let Me Be the First to Congratulate You
« Reply #4 on: Mar 2nd, 2008, 11:31am »
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on a truly great story!  Wives unconcernedly "showing off" their shy husbands is one of my favorite CF/NM themes and this story hit all the right buttons.
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Re: STORY: The CFNM Chronicles
« Reply #5 on: Mar 3rd, 2008, 6:18am »
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Loved this story on the Indian Outlaw Stripping Board...glad to see it hear...maybe one day expanded?
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Re: STORY: The CFNM Chronicles
« Reply #6 on: Mar 3rd, 2008, 11:41am »
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Great story. Thanks.
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Re: STORY: The CFNM Chronicles
« Reply #7 on: Mar 7th, 2008, 2:44pm »
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This is one of the best CFNM stories I've ever read!  Well written too!
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Re: STORY: The CFNM Chronicles
« Reply #8 on: Nov 25th, 2009, 4:18pm »
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I forgot how great this story was. How about we continue it with hiswife Marcie and him back home and her encouraging his nudity for her at home as a new house rule - so she can keep an eye on him and his boner. She can say how much she enjoys seeing him with a hard on. Maybe put him on an Extenz program with measurements. Of sourse her sisters will visit along with Laurie and their newly aquaintence form the beach - Marlene/Amy. Then there can be dinner with his boss Ms. Parker! Marcie can talk about his goal of growing his erect dick and how the treatments andthemeasurements work.. They can goto Laurie's again or to Mrs Parker's where she will insisit that he ENJOY himself and end up naked with a boner for his wife and his boss more often - rhoutinely...  
What do you all think?
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Re: STORY: The CFNM Chronicles
« Reply #9 on: Nov 28th, 2009, 3:24pm »
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Incredible story. I wished I was you in that story hooked6.
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Re: STORY: The CFNM Chronicles
« Reply #10 on: Jun 7th, 2010, 11:05pm »
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FUN to read those stories!  Smiley
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Re: STORY: The CFNM Chronicles
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Excellent contribution. Thank you.
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