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It's a Naked World! Nude Beaches - Public Nudity

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   Female worker in men's locker room
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Female worker in men's locker room
« on: Jun 18th, 2005, 4:46am »
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Yet another CFNM-oriented posting from the VoyForums' nudity forum:
I work at a local swimming recreation complex and I have never encountered any males in the girls locker room (except for boys around 5 years old). But, about 2 weeks ago, when I was on duty my supervisor told me I had to be on clean up for the mens locker room. I couldn't believe it, even if it was for about 5 mins. My boss put a sign saying female on duty and just basically a warning that you may not want to get changed for those 5-10 mins. I figured that no one would actually be naked for that time.. seeing as I was there. To my surprise though, about 5 or 6 guys just let it all hang out. They just were naked while i cleaned. It felt kinda weird to being cleaning and seeing naked men here and there and showering. Cuz i know if it were roles reversed I most likely wouldnt go naked infront of a male attendant. Anyone the same as me or would they let it all out.. male/female Huh
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Re: Female worker in men's locker room
« Reply #1 on: Jun 21st, 2005, 5:39am »
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Back in the late 1980s, while serving in the military, I received a temporary duty assignment to southern Germany to participate in a month-long training exercise. I traveled to the town of Dinkelsbühl, in Bavaria. Dinkelsbühl is a beautiful mediaeval town, located at the intersection of the Romantic Road (B25 - Würzburg – Dinkelsbühl - Füssen) and the highway linking the Alps and the Baltic Sea.  
After spending a few days becoming familiar with the exercise and settling into my living quarters, a German liaison officer, who had once lived in the United States, gave me a tour of the beautiful, quaint town. At the conclusion of one particularly exhaustive workday of the exercise, my German friend invited me to the community indoor swimming pool. The pool was a modern, newly constructed facility.  
Upon entering the men's locker room and choosing an available locker, I could hear the wonderful, distinctive sound of women's voices. To my astonishment, upon gazing over the five-foot tall lockers, I could see nude women entering the showers approximately 40 feet down the hallway. I became aware that the men's and women 's locker rooms were co-located adjacent to each other, with no wall separating the two areas. I expressed my astonishment to my friend, who stated that this arrangement was not unusual in Europe, and he then proceeded to give me a mini-lecture about the negative influence of America’s puritan heritage.  
Each of the locker rooms had a separate shower, an open bay room. The entrance and exit to the pool was located toward the middle of the respective locker rooms, which served as an imaginary dividing line of the male and female areas. During the dozen or so visits I made to the pool, there was only an occasional co-mingling of the sexes in the locker rooms. Most often, teenagers and young adults would socialize briefly in the nude near this "imaginary wall," usually before entering or after exiting the showers in their respective areas.
How is this story CFNM? Well, during my first visit, after a refreshing workout in the pool, I went to my locker and had just removed my trunks when an attractive, middle-aged lady, gently tapped my shoulder from behind, and handed me a towel. Startled, I immediately pulled up by trunks! She just smiled and walked away. Later I discovered that some swimming instructors and staff, all women, would usually walk through the locker rooms to bring fresh towels to all the patrons. These ladies would approach you – with a bright smile and a friendly greeting - to give you a towel, regardless of your state of dress. I later became accustomed to their presence, and never bothered to cover up again, enjoying my brief conversations with them clothed with only a smile!  Smiley
During my second visit to the pool, I met the pool manager; a demure, friendly, good-looking, down-to-earth, middle-aged lady who would rather dress down than dress up. She usually wore a Speedo-type lifeguard swimsuit, that emphasized her considerable, heaving cleavage; which struggled against its restraints. She would visit the locker rooms a few times each day on her way to the pool, walking through a main hallway while greeting regular patrons. Innately gregarious, she introduced herself to me after hearing that I was from the United States. She had family in the USA as well, and would often excitedly speak about her experiences while on vacation in the States.  
After our initial meeting, during which I had been fully clothed, I would do my best to ensure I was nude while in her presence. If the opportunity became available, I would synchronize my pool visits with her work schedule, and do the same during her locker room visits, attempting to either disrobe or towel off after a shower while anticipating her approach. I felt a connection with her, and she always made a point to stop and speak to me, whether for small talk, about the military, or about family life. Yet, I also relished the experience of being nude with her, gently toweling my body in her presence, particularly my buttocks, penis and testicles. Other times, I would speak to her while slowly removing or putting on my clothes. She was so comfortable with nudity, that she never commented on the fact that I was either naked or getting naked in her presence!
However, during the course of one conversation – with the locker room nearly empty, she asked me to step closer to her while she sat on a bench between the lockers; then she asked if she could closely observe my penis, in all its wiggly, flaccid glory. Dumbfounded, I obliged. With her eyes at penis level, and my eyes initially affixed on her gorgeous cleavage ….she gently inspected me using her thumb and forefinger. I could immediately feel the pleasure of her loving disposition, soft fingers, and yes…her captivating eyes, and sparkling smile. All of which had an influence on my enthusiastic erection. She laughed and spoke about the wonders of youthful men. Complimenting me on my robust health, she stated that she had rarely seen a circumcised penis - and was just curious, never expressing any sort of preference or judgment. She was so happy and comfortable with herself and the human condition that – to this day – I often think of her…
Unfortunately, due to the rigors of my duty assignment, I never had the opportunity to follow-up with her to initiate a mutual "inspection."  
A few days later, together with my German liaison officer and others, we enjoyed a brief dinner the night before my early morning departure. I never saw her again. We exchanged letters for about three years. Today, I have her letters stored in a special place; her memory remains in my heart.
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It's a Naked World! Nude Beaches - Public Nudity
It's a Naked World! Nude Beaches - Public Nudity

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